Monday, June 27, 2011

four girls and four quilts

 Four special graduation quilts for four very special girls....
 Lily met these girls in kindergarten and here they are 13 years later ...The ceremonies and the parties  are over...each quilt has been given and so well received...
 I love making quilts and I love giving quilts cuz they are the best gift in the whole world !!!!!!
 I express myself so much better in quilts than I do in words!!!!

 Lily's quilt is made with anna marie horners innocent sisters and I were loosely inspired by a denyse schmidt quilt called not so charcoal...there is no pattern ....every block is different ...we had fun...
 more photos here

Lilvi's quilt is the well loved zigzag.... I think I have made 4 now!! Livi picked her colors....Kay helped me piece this is  the tutorial from crazymomquilts blog............ and here is my very first blogpost and first zigzag here

 Savannah loves pink....and I love foundation strip piecing......I made my first tutorial and blogged about it here

 Elizabeth's favorite color is blue and I decided to add a bit of green.... I love all 4 quilts but this is actually my favorite...and it was the easiest by far...I used bone solid by kona and had all these prints in my stash..... inspired by this cherryhouse post and blogged about here

missing Elizabeth in this shot....she came later to Lilvi's party and Savannah and Lily had to leave early to go to work....

   beautiful quilts for beautiful girls and I love how each quilt has a personality to match .....happy Monday to all....xoxoxox Pam


  1. Great pictures Pam. The world is waiting for them!

  2. Great post Pam! Perfect day for some great photos!

  3. I agree that quilts make the best gifts!! Seeing your quilts with their smiling recipents is wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous girls - stunning quilts!
    Congratulations to all those young ladies!


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