Thursday, September 27, 2012

a whole lot of good stuff going on

i am sooo in love with this group called bella by lotta jansdotter and who knew i even liked teal?? but it looks so good in the trailer that i am making curtains
first curtain made and i have i already screwed it up xoxo good thing i decided to set up the table and see what it all looked like...yikes ~ way too long

no fits fine in the bedroom...i sewed two panels right side together on the top and bottom, didn't worry about the sides cuz i love the selvedge look and then i just made a 1 and 1/4 " casing for the rod and left a ruffle on easy peasy

i am going to mix them up and make them reversable xoxox

these are the originals and i am so happy to say bye bye to them

also gotta love pacific fabric they pretty much have everything you need and more...i was actually able to get the screws and snaps i need to replace these tie backs ... they have a fantastic old fashioned utility department xoxox

definitely going to have to call it   glamping when this fun project is complete xoxo

i love the look of the trees from outside xo
still have my lovely vintage pile....hoping to make a few pillows...would love more creative time xoxo
and this is what i worked on this kay's "every flight of fancy gives my heart wings " i machine quilted it with paisley by jodi beamish from the feathery look

and oolala joyce's bluebirds and blueberries is so stinkin sweet xoxox i did a freemotion whimsical design

and this is next....all loaded and ready to roll...tomorrow that is cuz i am a tired girl

also so excited to share that i will be quilting up a very special f*ck  quilt more about it here i have enjoyed following chawne's blog ...i love all that she does and i am so happy to be a part of this quilt.

happy thursday xoxo pam

Sunday, September 23, 2012

squaring up some vintage xoxo

old is sorta new again xoxox

the old binding [backing rolled and sewn to front] was so worn i squared it up and put on a new muslin binding...

it was hard to cut into but it made a lovely pile of vintage scraps...

and now it is ready for a very gentle wash followed by a good is a very soft 85 year oldish beauty from texas xoxoxo
happy sunday xoxo pam

Saturday, September 22, 2012

a visit to dottieangel's vintage pop up store and my first mariner's game

 kay and i had our first visit to dottieangel's vintage pop up store

so lucky for us it is 20 minutes away.....  loved her handstitched heart with a little snippet of lace and "please hold onto my heart" 
and this sweet little jug complete with the little crochet handle xoxox

they joined  this wonderful heavy glass jar with a  bit of purple vintage barkcloth and came home with difficult to choose from all the  beautifully displayed vintage goodies ....i wanted a lot but settled for a bit knowing i will be back.... decided i am going to  have a small budget each month for dottieangel treasures xoxoxo

and then there was my very first mariner's game...they played texas and won 6 to 3

carrie and jim invited nick and i ....and omg we had vip diamond club passes...with the best food/ drink and seats xoxox
happy saturday xoxox pam

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

lily's bd dinner and this weeks quilts

celebrated lily's bd with nick's most excellent boeuf bourguignonne xoxo

 inspired by julie and julia

and i made most delicious lemon gelato for dessert... easy recipe  here

and this is what i have been up to in the sewing room this week ....julie's happy mochi yum yum quilted w almost straight lines

and julie's hello luscious xoxox quilted w guilded by anne bright
and i hope to finish up her raspberry parfait beauty her quilts and i love the names xoxox
and this sweet little piece of vintage is has joined my collection .... still mulling over some ideas for home dec in the trailer....

happy hump day!! xoxo pam

Monday, September 17, 2012

washington park ~ i heart anacortes

just nick and me... a weekend away camping

we stayed at washington park in anacortes ...thanks for the tip sharon xoxoxo

i love to pick a campsite bouquet xoxo

even managed to go to a vintage market .....

drove to nearby deception pass WOW we are camping here next month xoxox

more WOW

and more WOW
and a few beers

to go with this sunset
this was our 3rd camping trip since we got our trailer....first trip on our agenda...xoxoxo
happy monday xoxoxo

Friday, September 14, 2012

friday love

love this scrappy vintage  octagon / spider web quilt xoxoxo

my newest ebay treasure was originally found at an old texas ranch estate sale....estimated to be over 85 years old xoxoxo

so well is in need of some love and tender care

and i may replace the binding xoxo

also found these stinkin cute t- towels...

chick and chuck


fall in love xoxo

get married

lay some eggs xoxox

and have some babies xoxox i intend to use these one day but they are so beautifully embroidered i will have to just save them for a bit....
happy friday ....we r off to the ocean with our camping trailer today for a lovely weekend get away xoxoxo  ~ pam

Monday, September 10, 2012

gone crazy for vintage

found my very first "rescue quilt" on ebay for $45 "buy it now"

all wrinkled w a few blood stains and  unfinished edges but so very amazing xoxo

completely hand sewn by an 89 year old sparta il. lady who recently went into a nursing home....not much to know but i am happy to have this much... xoxox

i used mary ellen's wonder spray and pressed all the raw edges 1/4 " problem at all since it was so beautifully pieced xoxooxox
and i have started appliquing a small border with an almost perfect match of blue/grey solid by freespirit....found it at my favorite keepsake cottage shop

i have so many favorites in this wonderful quilt....

please don't be jealous ....there are many more quilt tops out there just waiting to be rescued xoxoxo
sooo ... do i have time for this new found vintage obsession??? no , i dooo not but it seems to have taken on a wonderful , unstoppable life of it's own....i have another wonderful find coming in the mail soon....and i will just have to stay off ebay for awhile cuz it is very , very dangerous and it is making nick a bit nervous....xoxox pam
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