Monday, September 30, 2013

weekend favorites

salt spring island has an apple history dating back 150 years ~ historic orchards and newly planted farms are raising more than 350 varieties on the island

visiting our good friends on the apple festival weekend was a surprize BONUS ~


there  was a visit to salt spring island cheese company and a few other local farms xo

this was a just because xo

and i even managed a few stitches xo
had a great weekend~ i recommend visiting ssi for apple festival and will go again for sure xo we even enjoyed the blustery ferry ride home xoxo
                            happy monday...feels like sunday xo pam

Friday, September 27, 2013


finished lindy's quilt sparkler by patricia ritter on this sweet quilt

and i got my sisters beautiful giant quilt started...this is a kingsize quilt smart applique  pattern xo

so big and such a challenge for me...i have trouble with my channel lock and keeping my lines straight ...and  there were a few f#$@er puckers in the back that i had to pick mantra was "enjoy every stitch" inspired by my new quilting idol carolyn friedlander and her slow sewing studio...enjoy every stitch...her words really helped me today xo

and hooray...many hours later i have finished the first i need to unload it and reload it the other way for the vertical stitches....but that will be on tuesday... and i have to be ok with all my imperfections...and that stresses me out ~  this is the kind of quilting i only do for myself or the sisters...and  why i LOVE my pantos so much xoxo 
i shared some pictures on flickr today on selfish sewing week this idea so much cuz i love being selfish and sewing for ME  xo
tomorrow we are headed to salt spring island for a short getaway to see some good friends ~ happy friday xo pam

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

new panto love

i am loving this new panto on nancy's quilt ~ continuous v by jessica schick from digitech

this will be a very versatile panto...
zigzag and a crosshatch in more than one scale ~ love it!  xo

and this cutie pieced by lindy for her friend is up next...machine quilting it with sparkler by patricia ritter ...both available from digitech[ one my favorite places to buy pantograghs xo]
                                 happy wednesday xo pam

Sunday, September 22, 2013

i believe in the color wheel xo

best sewing day ever...i blew off chores and the rest of life and stitched happily away all day...
long ago i was inspired by leanne and her rainbow quilt and then recently i made a few color slabs for calgary alberta flood efforts over 1350 quilts have been donated ~ xo
that said ~  i am feeling a bit selfish but happy that  my scraps and these inspirations came together [ it all began here ] and i finished up this HAPPY QUILT for me today.

love love love this happy mess

in total i made 20 15 1/2 " blocks and set them 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks long finished 60 x 75

so good to have a FINISH ~ i needed this xo

so happy with a few scraps and a little bit of improv  ...

and i used these handy dandy abc pins for organizing my blocks...thanks kay xo
i pieced some letters for the back
i am recycling this ikea duvet for the back with these words xo

inspired by this greeting card by graphique ~ koko new york...i have loved this card for a very long time....the teeny tiny words are so fun ~silly questions for the color wheel such as ~ would you say you are emotional, do you easily absorb the feelings of others? and are your values more important than your hues? so cute...i am happy to incorporate them into this special quilt xo....
     happy sunday ! xoxo pam

infinity and beyond xo

inspired by the fall to make an infinity scarf...w mostly black and white with a little splash orange

i love my stash of black and white and it was great to cut into it xo

i just sewed 16 " random strips together 72" long...folded  in half wrong sides together length wise...stitched  into a tube...turned  right side out , pressed  and finished  with a french seam...finished up   8" x 72" circle xo
long enough to wrap around my neck 3 times snug or 2 times loose...but the question is ~ will i wear it?

 often i don't wear my lovely handmades....but i do know that i love these fabrics together so if i don't wear it ,  it can always become a quilt that i will LOVE xo
and i  have the strongest urge to finish something i am spending some happy time downstairs today working on my rainbow slabs xo....fingers crossed to get it done ...i need a FINISH .

ps....i related so well to a recent post  alisa burke's story on kelly rae's blog on how she finds time for family and her work as an artist...i especially love her "CREATIVE ADD" [she needs to jump from project to project to stay inspired] ~ i definitely do that too~  xo
                                             happy sunday  xo pam

Friday, September 20, 2013

it's business time

"business time" always makes me smile and think about this song  ~ ha ha even though they have nothing to do with each other...
this is what has been happening in the sewing room this week...

machine quilted nancy's quilt w a new panto ~ hall of mirrors by peg lindberg from digitech ~ love how well it worked w these sweet houses xo

machine quilted vera's block of the month from pacific fabric w a simple meander and a verigated thread...

and this is what is happening for the next while...started on  janice's quilt  with paisley by jodi beamish from willowleaf studios

it  is big and it is so beautiful ~ loving the paisley design on this xoxo
just had to sneak a finished shot in here...

just love love this log cabin/ zigzag combo done with paisley by jodi beamish from willowleaf studio

and from my stash i gathered this little pile ... it is patiently waiting to become pieced infinity scarf for ME xo

                     love my job love my job love my job xoxox happy friday xo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

i am a WINNER !

WOW ~ i am so lucky...still pinching myself about winning the bainbridge quilt festival RAFFLE QUILT
barbara  ~ who is the  the 7th owner of  esther's fabrics [ love the history of this shop ~ oldest quilt shop in the nw...named after esther fox the original owner from 1958 which is also the year i was born and corinkydinky ~ esther is what i named  my new featherweight  ~ phew did you get all that?] anyway barbara was going  to mail it to me and save me the ferry trip but my friend pam was on bainbridge yesterday to pick up her quilt from the she picked up my winning quilt too and hand delivered it to my home !! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank many thank yous from me to everyone involved. Check out this link for more of the quilt festival on pinterest.

thank you to bainbridge island modern quilt guild  ~ thank you to  esther's  ~ thank you to pink chalk
                 thanks you to everyone that helped make this beautiful quilt and to the very lucky odds that my name was drawn xo

love that it benefitted friends of the farms...the only thing missing is a label... i have a few questions about this quilt of mine ~ who pieced it ? who quilted it ? how much did it raise ?   i will  copy the winning ticket with these details and make a label for it.  xo

i love every little  thing about this LOCAL QUILT sewn by margaret darragh and designed by carolyn friedlander
         machine quilted with  harbour waves






houses xoxoxo

                                 EXTRA happy wednesday xo pam

Saturday, September 14, 2013

BOOM ~ i won the bainbridge quilt festival raffle quilt !!

nick and i caught the ferry from downtown seattle to bainbridge island for their first annual outdoor quilt show today was the first time i talked  my husband into going to a quilt show...
quilts were  outside up and down the main street xo

and i loved their raffle quilt so much i bought $10 worth..and BOOM i received a phone message on the ferry back home that i WON it ! more info about it here 
and here is a post from carolyn friedlander ~ designer of pattern and fabric xo  thanks sharpie xo

having  the  quilt show outdoors was awesome ...lots of great inspiration xo
lunch at cafe nola is definitely recommended
 this t- towel ~ found it bought it at furnish bainbridge...spotted it a mile away in their window xo
 and our  picture perfect ferry ride back home was beautiful
and can u believe it we even saw MATER from cars on the freeway ride home...
                              i am pretty excited about winning this beauty ~ can't wait to get my lucky  hands on it ... i have made a few  raffle quilts  and i have always supported quilt raffles but this is my first time winning a quilt !! still can't believe it...nick went to a quilt show with me and i WON the beautiful quilt ! woooooo hoooo xo pam
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