Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend update

very productive and i am very tired....but look how much i got done!!!

completed 2 rows of sashing w no corner blocks ...i used this tutorial from pieceful kwilter  and loved it
finished machine quilting w stars and stripes by urban elemenz  #2 sounder's quilt for karyn's bd

used up little bits of flannel...the back took much longer to piece than the front

absolute sounder FANS

easy peasy requirements here and here

mission complete xoxox

and it is is to another wonderful week of  mostly sewing xoxoxoxo pam

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 SEVENTH annual ms quilt of comfort, hope and joy

this all started 7 years ago when i was just trying to figure out how to raise a bit of money for the ms walk...the girls at my local curves were so supportive and helpful....they made it sooo easy for me to raffle my first quilt and TA DA it has been tradition for me ever since.... it is getting to be a pretty BIG DEAL raising over $1000 each year... friends and family are so helpful and encouraging....
this years  quilt inspiration came from rita  @ redpepperquilts she does amazing things with fabric !!!!

started w the pile of goodness

cut 2 1/2 " strips...i was able to use up a lot of little bits....and i used this mini quilt rack to keep all my strips sorta organized....

loving this fun log cabin right from the start...

easy peasy wonderful

i am going to connect these pretties w white sashing.. and i was having so much fun sewing w kay  
yesterday that i actually made too many blocks ....xoxo

i will be back soon w more about this wonderful ms raffle quilt xoxox pam
happy saturday!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the quilt that took forever

my quilt soup / tablescraps quilt is complete....this quilt that  has been sooo long in the making  is DONE and the good news is that  i still LOVE it !!! more info on this quilt here

this center block always catches my eye  as a favorite
went w lemon kona for the binding and i am real happy w it

always thought it would be such a great picnic quilt but it is too nice for that...

this quilt still WOWS me

i think it will belong in the guest room w other vintagy stuff

love the back as much as the front

table scraps u r sooo pretty....machine quilted w dizzy by jodi beamish

used a handy dandy ticker tape label

and i havn't even washed it yet......
looky looky today i found a 49 cents orange doily and

a 99 cents lemon doily at the value village...perfect w this quilt xoxo
and so it is a rainy tuesday and i shall get back to more wonderful sewing xoxox pam

Monday, January 23, 2012


i started this most wonderful quilt way back in the spring of 2006....i finished piecing the top  last spring and the back in november and it looks like it will be finished very soon.....hip hip hooray !!!

i am going to finish this awesome quilt today !!!
every one of the FORTY NINE blocks are different and it took me fovever !!!


and after

isaac's 24th bd dinner at royal india

husband is back to work...daughter's are back to school....snow is almost gone...back on schedule...
all is good xoxoxo pam

Friday, January 20, 2012

made very special by ruth xoxox

love these quilts so much !!! ruth did such a beautiful job making these two memory quilts !!

love how simple and great some quilts can be
these little boys had some great clothes...

machine quilted w dizzy by jodi beamish from willowleaf studios

these will be sooo loved right??

my favorite t-shirt....

or maybe this ??

love how ruth included little tabs and labels...

flannel, fleece, terry, t-shirt ,velour etc ....this is one soft cuddly quilt

love this little tab from the back of the shirt

what a wonderful way to remember when they were little xoxoxoxo
best snowman ever by l and s  xoxox

we have had so much snow this week..they were even calling this snowstorm of ours EXTREME but today  it is raining and the snow is slowly melting.....we have been so lucky because many in our seattle area have been without power....and i feel so fortunate to work at home in times like this.... even if i do go a bit stir crazy!!! i do get a LOT of sewing done....  xoxox pam

Monday, January 16, 2012

happy snowday with my reunion charm pack

it is a beautiful winter wonderland around here....and i always get a lot of sewing done when i am snowed in...i was inspired by this and my new moda reunion charmpack.....thanks andie !!

so pretty but so cold!!

i modified andies scrappy baby a bit cuz i so wanted to use all of my little charmpack

i made a plastic template to draw the sew line and cut the 5 1/2 " charm square on the diagonal... block is 8 1/2"
used up bits and pieces for the backround and i love the look... can u see the wonky star? also at this point the blocks were falling off my design wall so i moved to the floor  using eva's flannel back vinyl tablecloth trick...everything stays in place and it becomes very portable....
42 blocks many possibilities...can u see the bulls eye?  the heart?... the zigzag?
it will finish up at 48" x 56"....unless i decide to make it bigger....but then i will have to buy more fabric.... xoxo

happy monday xoxoxo pam

Friday, January 13, 2012

home again

nick and i have been away for a wonderful visit with my sister and her guy in phoenix....they have a beautiful home  and love to explore ...we hiked the white tank mountains and went to kartchner caverns outside of tuscon .... so lucky for us cuz we couldn't ask for anything more   xoxo

some of these were picked on our morning walk

we did lots of hummingbird watching from their patio

went on a couple of hikes to the white the blue blue sky !

view of phoenix from the white tanks

sisters posing special for the daughters

mr. cole's ear in the white tanks

love all the cactus

stained glass windows at the horny toad restaurant

happy hour sunset
i almost took the week off from quilting....we visited one quilt shop and only bought one charm pack !!
today is back to reality  ...i am going to start with a bit of morning exercize followed by some quilting...sounds like a great day to me !!
xoxox pam
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