Friday, December 16, 2011

sewmamasew giveaway winners and today's creative goodness

congratulations to debbie, lynn and trish who have each won a happy town mugmat...please check your email and send your address. thanks to everyone for visiting and to sewmamasew for organizing the giveaway...this was my first one and i was impressed with the 147 comments i received !!!

i spent today in a very busy way....a little bit of stairs...a little bit of costco...a little bit of customer quilting and then a little bit of fun sewing for christmas... making more of these sweet houses .....
then finishing up 5 sewing kits for some special girls i know and finally  piecing this easy peasy sounder's quilt...a christmas gift idea i got at the last sounder's soccer game i went to...

started by making these sweet little pin cushions

then i found some cute boxes at ross and tj max
 i bought some sewing goodies but i also was able to use  a lot of fun extras i had in my sewing room 

i got this idea when livi told me that she is the sew go to girl at college because i gave her a little $3.99 sewing kit with her graduation somehow i turned this idea into gifts for 5 college girls....i am so happy that they will all have  real sewing kits now....

so easy and there is enough to make 2 quilts....i bought 3 - 2 yard cuts ....cut them in half length wise....sewed the 3 lengths  together making it approximately 65" x 72" i will be machine quilting it this weekend with a flannel back...i used kona black, regata and green tea

this is where my inspiration came from.....we have some good friends that are absolute sounder's fans....they are going to looovvve this quilt !!!
happy weekend to all....hope everyone's christmas preparations are going smoothly....and you are enjoying this holiday season....i know i am trying my best to  NOT get always i am trying to fit too much in  and i am so looking forward to some down time,,,,,xoxoxo pam

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  1. So excited to be a mugmat winner! And if your friends are Sounders fans, are you from the Pacific NW??


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