Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jenny's first giveaway!!!

Jenny over at is having her very first giveaway.....pop on over to her blog and check it out sure to leave a comment so you have a chance to win this little beauty....I am selfishly hoping to win this sweet little quilt myself....she has designed a ruler and patterns and they will be coming out soon.... the possibilities will be endless .....she is a very creative girl and she has been so inspired by all the wonderful bloggers out there [like many of us newcomers in blogland right??]   Personally I think she will be famous in the quilt world very soon and when that happens I am going to be able to say " That Jenny is a good friend of mine"  Good Luck!

do you feel lucky??

for batik lovers only...

Nancy pieced this beautiful batik block of the month for Pacific Fabric
check it out on their website

machine quilted with dragon's breath panto by lorien quilting

I used a Superior So Fine light purple thread....

love this swirl pattern for this quilt...the scale is perfect for all these small pieces

Nancy does beautiful work...she is at the Pacific Fabric in Bellevue...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

all good things...

brave little snail making his way on our river walk

susan made this sewing machine cover for stinking cute right?

susan helped piece this orange quilt in progress

while I machine quilted her finished Welcome Home ...pattern by  Blackbird Designs

lunch time entertainment in my backyard

weeping willow down at the Kirkland waterfront

the first sighting of a magnolia tree in blossom

a cloudy but refreshing walk on Lake Washington

an older couple holding sweet is this?

blackbird in a tree on our river trail walk

 I drove my sister to the airport at noon....we had a wonderful visit with great food, nice walks, good friends, awesome fabric and quilts....we always wish there was more time!! Miss you already Susan....

Friday, March 25, 2011

quiltshop tour up north and color wheel sweatshop

we started with a walk yesterday

down this local street that is just starting to blossom...ooolala

then we  picked up Jenny and headed north  to 3 shops in Lynden and 3 shops in Bellingham....this was one of our favorite Bird's of a Feather quilt at Quilt's Etc. in Bellingham

 and today we began our color wheel quilt from Joelle Hoverson's book Last Minute Patchwork and Gifts

our sweatshop

the 3 of us made a great team...cutting out 5 color wheel quilts in about 4 hours...we cut extra for my other sister and our friend Jenny....

we put one on the fabric wall ....we all agree that this is a pretty big deal!!! I am really going to enjoy making this quilt and can't wait to  find a special place for it in my sewing room ...

More sewing planned for tomorrow of sister is here till Tuesday....we miss you Joyce...wishing you were here!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

innocent crush times two

One down, one more to go....I love these quilts....the inspiration came from the fabric, the sisters and Denyse Schmidt     My sister made hers for her niece Ashley's HS graduation and mine will be for my daughter Lily's graduation...

love in the front in the backround looking so pretty ...waiting patiently....

 first one is quilted with horizontal irregular lines..I will quilt the  next one with irregular vertical lines for a bit of a different look...

the back is 2 panels of fleece pieced with a narrow strip of anna marie horner folksy flannel which is what the other quilt backing is....this is one great cuddle quilt measuring 70 x 85

 Happy to say I am heading out to the airport to pick up my sister soon...the temperature  is supposed to be 60!!! What a great day for her to come for a visit.....Pam

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring cleaning

I am doing some reorganizing in my sewing room and it feels so good and so bad.... I am feeling good about tidying up but I am feeling a bit sick about my massive fabric stash ,  wondering how and when I lost control....knowing it took years  to get here...lots of wonderful creative fabric loving years!!!
I am seriously going to try to  finish more projects, start less projects, share my fabric, buy less fabric ,use the fabric I have and not feel I have to get more to replace 2011.

moved this cupboard from the guest room to my sewing room

reorganized my fabric and tidied up my sewing room a lot...feels so good...looks so pretty

Time to continue with this spring cleaning thing....getting ready for my sister's visit  on Wednesday....she is a quilter and we are going on the Tri -County Quilt Shop Tour.... I will be the one just looking at fabric!!!
Check it out...there are a lot of great shops north of here starting with Keepsake Cottage in Bothell.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

cordoroy,fleece and flannel

I made a quilt for a cat....a few years ago I made Monica a quilt for her BD and her cat loves it  and she loves her cat so much that she asked if I would make a small quilt for her cat I going to make quilts for my cats now ? No , I am not cuz they think all of the the quilts in our home belong to them already!!!

I love that it is green!    HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S !

made with leftover corduroy,flannel and fleece...what cat wouldn't love to have this?

quilted with Anne Bright Chickadee panto

even made a pillow with the left over piece...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nick is funny

I posted about this birthday mug mat yesterday
nick thought it looked like a ransom note and left this
this is the guy that makes my blog happen....Thanks Nick!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend fun

this is the one that started it all....a birthday mug mat for a friend
then I started looking for other bits and pieces laying around...and I put these leftovers from my Lakehouse quilt together...
a birthday heart for a sweet lady that turns 90 soon....there will be a lot of hearts[hopefully 90] because she is so sweet....I am going to machine quilt this when it is all put together will be so fun to see all the hearts together and be a part of this very special quilt.
ok...this is my favorite...made from the MS zig zag would be fun to make a whole quilt this way....if I didn't have so many other projects ....I love that I have a little something to remember the MS quilt by now...
and this I started a while  back but decided on something now it will be a fun table runner....
And that is the fun time I had with bits and pieces this weekend....Happy Monday !

Friday, March 11, 2011

completely dotty and spotty

Colorful Friday with Robyn is spots and dots today!!!

I love polka dots!!!

favorite spotty seashell
Cafe Paloma birthday lunch
a polka dot zig
a lovely pile of dots and spots
square dots
dotty ribbon
polka dot mug
Lily's quilt
spotty baby


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

all done...

3 new baby quilts ready for a good home.....
all in a row
such a simple idea

ticker tape fun
square in a square fun

It is a very rainy Wednesday out there today....such a good day to be sewing and blogging.....Pam
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