Tuesday, March 7, 2017

post quiltcon post love

#quiltcon savannah 2017 was a pretty big deal for me...so many greats including the many quilts and lectures...lots to think about

this is my favorite savannah photo 

forsyth fountain in the historic district is beautiful

i did pretty good on purchase control...i actually won the art gallery denim bundle ~ i am a lucky girl

there was a special #quiltsforpulse meetup
amazing love is love

so many quilts xoxo
it took awhile but i found one of three from our snohomishmqg

best of show ~ bling by kat jones from australia

a five minute ferry ride between the convention center and river road

new and old quilting friends xo xo

 a special open house at the scad school of design with friends

 a special stowaway savannah leaf made me smile when it fell out of my things unpacking...i am still dreaming about savannah one week later xoxo pam

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