Sunday, July 19, 2015

good old summertime 2015

i have a great stack of books this summer...with great intentions...

just got back from another camping trip...

we were in southern washington at maryhill state park  on the great columbia river gorge

i LOVE our little trailer ~ i made the lotta jansdotter curtains and quilt  in 2012 ~ the special hang onto my heart is made by dottie angel

some amazing vantage points and history here xo

one of  the petroglyphs that were saved back when the columbia river was dammed in 1957

love  our good camping friends
and we enjoyed  being in wine country ~ many vineyards to choose from ~ we had a few great wine tastings xo

we celebrated nick's 55th when we got back from camping...his first as a milo slept through it all xo

this girl made a lemon meringue pie for her dad xoxo

and this has been my summer is jen kingwell ~ my small world ~ verykerryberry is doing a quiltalong that caught my attention...i was not able to find the spring quiltmania with this pattern but with the help of kerry berry [thankyou] i am getting along and loving the challenge and  inspiration xo

and this is our  garden gone wild with the  pacific northwest heat wave ...we will have PUMPKINS this year...lots of them...these seeds came from isaac and ani's  special home grown pumpkins last halloween...and i am thinking free pumpkins all around this year xo
                                                                happy sunday xo pam

Sunday, July 5, 2015

mother / daughter quilts xo

daughter margaret made this wonderful quilt ~ i LOVE the colors xo

and all the open space xo

machine quilted with loop the loop ~ it is a definite all time favorite panto w my quilt customers

mother katherine made this two color beauty ~ it  was pieced and  designed by her ~ i love the arrows that pop out  everywhere

she also chose loop the loop ~ i love how this design works well for so many quilts xo
                                                            love my job xo pam

Thursday, July 2, 2015

gramma's quilt for milo

i finished piecing this sweet baby boy quilt back in march at wild rose retreat     totally inspired way back in 2011  by redpepperquilts xo originally thinking i would make a larger quilt but then decided not cuz it is a bit fussy  ~  these blocks measure 7 1/2 " finished making each square 1 1/2 "  ~  i put  it away knowing it could be   a great baby boy quilt ~but  i did not realize it would be for my first granbaby xo

i machine quilted it w cathedral windows
and i pieced the back with gramma fleece cuz  this is the quilt that will stay at gramma's house xoxo
decided on a white ALL machine stitched binding ~it makes a more durable quilt~  i am getting pretty good at this...i machine stitch the binding to the back side of the quilt first and press to the front  ~ no pinning required when u sew and i always using the same color thread  xo

so happy to celebrate our father's day as a GRAMMA this year with these three
                                                         happy thursday xo pam
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