Friday, February 27, 2015

the wedge challenge

my very first wedge block looks ok if you hide the center xo

 very surprised how challenging it is....i was inspired here at  hyacinthquiltdesigns and  i am also loving  materialobsessions modern wedge

each one has finished up differently...and i managed to sew 26 wedges together instead of the required 24 ~ also needed to cut wholes in 2 of the middles to get them to lay flat ???? so i need to do a bit more homework cuz i am doing something wrong ~ good news is that i am squaring them up and adding borders.
the possibilities are endless with this block...i started out doing just a practice block with denyse schmidt fabric but i am in LOVE with how well it works for this pattern.

happy friday xo pam

Saturday, February 21, 2015

be someone that makes you happy

a teeny tiny improv finish for sara...i love this ~ i was inspired by banksy on instagram ~ it was a quote saying "be WITH someone that makes you happy"  and  the WITH was crossed out

i LOVE this heart fabric for the back ~ i found it at ikea a few years back  ~ i have very little left in my stash ~ boohoo and woohoo ~ i love how it makes me sad and happy to use up my fabric stash xo
            happy saturday xo pam

Monday, February 16, 2015

a quilt for carey , napkins for ani and a few customer quilts xo

our hen party quilt group made a simple cotton and steel  quilt for our good sewing friend carey ~ she recently had surgery so a cuddle quilt was the  perfect thing xo

machine quilted w honeycomb by dave hudson ~ so soft with a pieced flannel back and  a simple stamped label ~ nbd our little group whipped this up in a week xo

and for ani's bd i made a few stamped dinner napkins with osnaburg cotton {LOVE} with charcoal stitches around the edges
meanwhile i finished up a sweet little baby quilt for iris with dancing daisy

and emily made a very special quilt for her father-in-law ~ finished up so nice with take five ~ i love this triangle pattern
and OO LA LA !

  terri's improv quilt is AMAZING ~ i quilted it with geometric paths from digitech

                                       i say it all the time but it bears repeating  I LOVE MY JOB 
                                       happy monday xo pam

Saturday, February 7, 2015

february update xo

meghan made this fun baby quilt ~ love all the prints ~ machine quilted w goodnight moon

i enjoyed quilting joyce's bunny hill mistletoe lane ~ it is applique heaven ~  kits are available @ keepsake cottage in bothell
month ten just arrived in the mail ~ alice in wonderland #2  from iheartliberty duckadilly this fabric is AWESOME
this guy had a 27th birthday xo
and we  just celebrated this girl's 79 th xoxo
and even though it is raining like crazy i plan on doing a bit of gardening today...i got a flat of primrose for $10.99 at costco last night ~ spring is just around the corner xoxo
 happy saturday xo pam
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