Friday, December 31, 2010

The year in quilts.....

I have had another great year full of quilting for myself , my family, my friends and all the wonderful quilt ladies that support my longarm business.....but this is my first time blogging on New Years Eve....I started my blog  this summer with a lot of help from my Nick...and I love , love, love everything about it especially all the other blogs that lead to all the other blogs that fill me with so much creative energy and amazing ideas... so I thank all the wonderful blogs for  their inspiring influence in my life.

A look back at some of the quilts from 2010....
Wishing you all a very happy and creative New Year!

Happy Town Times Two 2010

Last finished project of the year....well almost finished ...I still have to hand stitch the binding on one of them...

Happy Town Times Two was a great way to finish up the year in quilting...I was so lucky to have extra sewing time over the Christmas break.

happy town #1

happy town #2

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nicest Santa Ever

love this gift wrap
Santa brought all the quilting/craft books I was wishing for......

spoiled rotten
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas...I know I sure did.....looking forward to getting some sewing time now.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

OOps I'm at it again!!

I managed to find a bit of free time over the past few I started 'Happy Town". I got this idea a few weeks back while making these mugmats....          I am so happy to get it started while the ideas and favorite fabric choices are still longarm is free for another week too so I can take my time and really enjoy creating this quilt......

the start of "happy town"

so stinking fun

applique and quilt as  you go....easy peasy

it does make a mess so it is

so nice to have the time and room for this project!

"happy town" will be a Christmas wall hanging when it is complete....

made this tree out of ribbon

 I kept the quilting very simple...

see the Canadian flag???
  With my free time over the holidays  I know I will be in a happy place playing with "Happy Town".

  It is Christmas morning and I am the first one up...soon my big kids will arrive and Lily and Nick will be awake....there will be presents and Vancouver family arriving this afternoon and a wonderful turkey dinner...
Merry Christmas ...hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last handmade lovelies of the year

 I am so happy that I found  some time for these little lovelies .... I plan on spreading them around my  cul de sac with Christmas love .......over the 15 years we have lived here, we have shared so  many wonderful homemade goodies with our good neighbors and friends....

 found this fun print at Joanns and machine quilted it whole on the longarm then I cut it into several hot pads

couldn't decide on one binding so I chose them all

 made homemade gift ties

 big pile of hot pads ....just need a bit of hand sewing....

yeah!! the finished pile....

love the back of these babies too!

the bindings  finished these off perfectly~

I love receiving the homemade goodies too...... Nancy's jam....already taste tested ...... delicious!!

Patty's homemade peppermint bark

Amber's gingerbread cake...her gramma's special recipe

Susan's specialty...banana bread baked in this festive ceramic

special cookies made by the sweet little girls next door....

So....just a few more days till Christmas. I love this part...everything is almost done....hope everyone is enjoying those last minute details....Ho Ho Ho

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Christmas sweater ever and a few finished mugmats

All goes well at the Cole household....after putting up with gallstones for 18 years I finally got the nerve to have my gall bladder out! Just like magic I am now minus this annoying body part.....I am feeling pretty good today ...ready to take on those last few things that need to be done for Christmas...Hope everyone is enjoying those last minute details in preparation for a great family day!
These mug mats have been so much fun....loved playing around with the different fun bindings!! I made 16...most have happily gone out the door to my friends ....I think I have 5 left and I can hardly wait to make more! Inspiration came from Tallgrass Prairie Studios....
Jacquie's  was one of the first quilting blogs I discovered and she has  inspired  me in so many ways ever since....Thanks Jacquie!!!!

polka dot binding

 wide red stripe binding

wide black stripe

first time I tied the binding in a bow

 narrow black stripe

more of my fave red stripe

and sweet sweater 2010!

Happy Monday !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last business of the year....

So I thought I was done work for the holidays but the last two quilts showed up after all....which is a good thing for my xmas here they are... the last two business quilts of 2010....How lucky am I right? Getting to do what I love and having a small part in all these wonderful quilt stories...

Nancy made this quilt for her daughter...quilted with Waterworld by Jodi Beamish

Kelly made this quilt for her husband...quilted with Bushberries by Lorien Quilting

check out this soft luxurious back with minky....this will be one great cuddle quilt
  Thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So much fun!

Okay, this was so much FUN and highly addictive! I started out wanting to make 6 mug mats for my Hen Party girls and then I thought a few extra would be nice and by the time I finished late last night I counted 16...I was sad to cut these apart  because they looked so good as a whole....but I will  make another using this very easy peasy fun no rules method! I  used up all the bits and pieces ....individually they  measure approximately 10x12 so I just need one wof for each mug mat easy is that right? They even look good with no binding...I zigg-zagged the is a very good thing to have a longarm and a stash!!! Thanks again to Jacquie at Tall Grass Studios for the inspiration on this project...I had a blast!! 

lovely stack of mats

xmas love pile

all cut up

as a whole....I would love a quilt just like this.....

the start of it all

sweet stash

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas Time!!

 I think I am on Christmas Holidays....I thought I had a few more customer quilts to do but I have not heard from this is the first time in a very long while where I have no quilts hanging in the cupboard waiting to be done....WOW!  So today is creative sew fun day for me .... I am inspired to do some mug mats for xmas gifts.........Inspired by these posts  and this fabric, I can't wait to dig in....

hello my little lovlies
Happy Monday to all.....I  hear my fabric calling me.....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Colours with Robyn

This will be my 26th Christmas with children...27th  with my husband....I have never been big on decorations...I do a little but my quilting has always been more important....but each year the  decorations that I do have become even more special than the year before....they are filled with memories of my children growing up and the wonderful friends and family we are a few of my favorite things....and to answer Robyn's question ...What is my favorite Christmas song? Little Drummer Boy  by Neil Young and Johnny Cash...

Check out Robyn's blog Colorful Friday's...she organizes all this fun...

Merry Christmas to everyone...hope you are enjoying each  and every day of this joyful season....

xmas glass

dear Santa

Patricia Ritter Holly panto

very important!

my new addition 2010

I think I like Snowmen...


from Monica...Monica loves to give decorations!

Liz brought this back from Alaska

from Carrie

Christmas Flamingos

found this in our attic....Christmas Past

I got this angel in memory of my Mom 1997

Baby's first Christmas....this is my oldest daughter's from our friend Linda

hello lucky owl from Monica

found this at the Salt Spring Island thrift store...I love him

his head wags

my friend Mo made this years ago...she is still making them ...

Gina made this...cute right?

made these with Lorraine in 88? when we still lived in Vancouver

Karen made this

a little something made with the figgy pudding scraps

made these when the kids were little

from Liz

from our  neighbours  the Sangwin's

Nick's Godmother Kay found these at a thriftshop and gave them to us years ago....

made this back in 96

from Monica...such a handsome guy

from Monica...isn't she cute

this would be a great word quilt

Christmas troll from my friend Susan many years favorite the light in this shot

Mrs. Jolly Santa

the want to be xmas project

dear figgy pudding

the not so little anymore  children that I have celebrated many a Christmas with!
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