Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Colours with Robyn

This will be my 26th Christmas with children...27th  with my husband....I have never been big on decorations...I do a little but my quilting has always been more important....but each year the  decorations that I do have become even more special than the year before....they are filled with memories of my children growing up and the wonderful friends and family we are a few of my favorite things....and to answer Robyn's question ...What is my favorite Christmas song? Little Drummer Boy  by Neil Young and Johnny Cash...

Check out Robyn's blog Colorful Friday's...she organizes all this fun...

Merry Christmas to everyone...hope you are enjoying each  and every day of this joyful season....

xmas glass

dear Santa

Patricia Ritter Holly panto

very important!

my new addition 2010

I think I like Snowmen...


from Monica...Monica loves to give decorations!

Liz brought this back from Alaska

from Carrie

Christmas Flamingos

found this in our attic....Christmas Past

I got this angel in memory of my Mom 1997

Baby's first Christmas....this is my oldest daughter's from our friend Linda

hello lucky owl from Monica

found this at the Salt Spring Island thrift store...I love him

his head wags

my friend Mo made this years ago...she is still making them ...

Gina made this...cute right?

made these with Lorraine in 88? when we still lived in Vancouver

Karen made this

a little something made with the figgy pudding scraps

made these when the kids were little

from Liz

from our  neighbours  the Sangwin's

Nick's Godmother Kay found these at a thriftshop and gave them to us years ago....

made this back in 96

from Monica...such a handsome guy

from Monica...isn't she cute

this would be a great word quilt

Christmas troll from my friend Susan many years favorite the light in this shot

Mrs. Jolly Santa

the want to be xmas project

dear figgy pudding

the not so little anymore  children that I have celebrated many a Christmas with!


  1. Merry Christmas Pam,
    I've very emuch enjoyed reading your Christmas post and your decorations are wonderful... so many handmade... I love that!
    I especially love the ones Monica gives you.. fantastic!
    Wishing you a happy friday and a special Christmas with your 4 young adults... lovely pic and hubby!!
    Ho ho ho Pam xx

  2. WOW... you posted so many wonderful pic's.
    Happy colourful Christmas!

  3. Hello Pam,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I never know flamingo's got into Christmas, just love it.
    Happy days.

  4. Lots of lovely Christmas colour. I think it is great when each decoration has a special family memory. It really adds to the delight of Christmas. Gorgeous fabrics and quilts, too.
    I always love the snowmen but I must admit to being impressed by the Christmas flamingos.

  5. Hi Pam, wow! so many beautiful photos, I adore your peanut reindeer! Merry Christmas! toni xxx

  6. Lots of lovely Christmas things. I adore the pine cone bunny.

  7. I should post a pic of myself as a Christmas colour as I'm quite green with envy for some of your beautiful decorations, lol. I'd end up listing them all if I said which ones I loved but my fave was the pine cone bunny, WOW!!! Have a wonderful Christmas, hugs, Jan

  8. I love how you presented your ornaments.

  9. great Christmas collection...lovely quilt...and I can see why you love the vintage santa!

  10. Hi Pam
    Great Christmassy Post. Lots of lovely things. I really can't choose which is my favourite.
    Have a very Happy Merry Christmas.
    HO HO HO

  11. Hi Pam, Thanks for sharing your Christmas collection with us...just fantastic! Have a lovely Christmas. Kind regards, Anita.

  12. What a fun Christmas journey. Wonderfulmemories and beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. What a great post and wonderful memories and wonderful family. Merry Christmas. Love Lois


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