Friday, April 29, 2016

my small world section three

section three is complete

section three has house block 1 and 2, flying geese, an arrow, a pinwheel , 2 fabric panels and  the sky along w a few other bits and pieces

house block 1 involves a set in seam
i made a second house to demo a set in poor brain struggles with this...

FYI  if you have jen kingwell's pattern....and you prefer paper piecing  you can contact sarah [ who has spent a lot of time converting]  for free templates @ sewwhatsherlock 
     thank you sarah for being so generous with your talents and thank you susan [ from our class] for sharing sarah's blog with us ~ personally i am really going to appreciate these templates in section seven !  xo

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                                                              happy friday xo pam

Friday, April 15, 2016

my small world section two

section two is smaller and easier , has a few repeat blocks and a bit more applique ~  i switched the bottom apartments cuz i liked the placement better 

and i still have a lovely pile of mess/ possibilities on my cutting table

having a design wall is so appreciated with this project...i am keeping all the repeats to the left along with future possibilities

loving the middle eastern block houses and the teeny tiny 2" churn dash blocks...again i used the spray starch method for the applique and the quilt in a day triangle square up ruler for the churn dash blocks~ i also found an easy tutorial to make perfect flying geese here

and i really tried to let my crooked city block from section one go...
but i just couldn' took about an hour to pick out and fix ~ and i am much happier 

looking forward to tuesday's class xo pam

Thursday, April 7, 2016

in and out of the sewing room this week

machine quilted diane's super cute pencil crayon quilt w dave hudson's abc panto

and lorraine's beautiful moda christmas quilt with the very popular and perfect loop the loop

and i am finishing up iris's cute baby quilt w a new panto called fluent ~ love the flower in this design

and i rescued another under appreciated  crochet blanket from value village for $3.19...can't stop buying these...and i  am not sure why ??

must be the color in this one

and look who was napping with her sister up high in the maple tree all afternoon yesterday xo
and these blossoms are blooming all over our neighborhood ~ favorite time of year for walking xo
                                                              happy thursday xo pam

Monday, April 4, 2016

my small world by jen kingwell second time around ~ section one complete

started  this quilt for the second time around here and  ta-da section one is complete ~  i am teaching this class at quilting mayhem
five sweet orange peel blocks done w my favorite spray starch method...i first learned this method from figtree

pinwheels and hour glass blocks are made with my favorite
quilt in a day triangle square up ruler

this is the top half of the first section...mostly sky with the city block
this is the bottom half ~ i modified a few blocks here that called for the small templates... the bottom left house is a good #3 in the book is super cute but i opted for easier~ plus i love that there is so much room for improv with this pattern

and i love my little orange house

also saving time by making  the repeat blocks ahead of time

              i am enjoying the process even more second time and i am excited to teach this fun class !

Next - "My small world section two"
                                                                  happy monday xo

Sunday, April 3, 2016

sister time xo

my sister came for a visit xo

there was a walk everyday and lots of fun blossom shots xo
we had a trip to see the roozengaarde tulips

so many tulips

we stopped in here too since we were in the neighborhood
we finished up a queen size minimalista triangle quilt w a simple formica panto

we shopped

i got some good loot
and then this guy came for a gramma date the day sister went home making the goodbye a little easier xoxo
                                                          happy sunday xo pam
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