Monday, July 30, 2012

nancy's new block of the month at bellevue pacific fabric

ooh la la ooh la la

nancy pieced this beautiful quilt for the pacific fabric block of the month coming this fall...

i think it is called almost amish and is all pieced with solids...i machine quilted it with jacobs ladder

nancy made hers with  a white backround but it is also being made with a black
they should be on display at the stores soon and it will be online as well here

happy monday!!  xoxo pam

Friday, July 27, 2012

colonial creek campground here we come

this is my temporary camping quilt...i made this applique leaf quilt years ago with all the leaves in my yard xoxo

all packed up and ready to go for our very first camping trip!!

and this is my future fancy quilt for the trailer...5 rows done.... 12 more to go ...yikes!!
happy weekend to all... xoxo pam

Friday, July 20, 2012

no sewing today....sara's home

sara is back from her mexico adventure and little sister is staying for one more month xoxo

we had a delicious dinner w salad from the garden

the first hollyhock flower opened today...

made a most wonderful blueberry pie w blueberries from my friend brenda's backyard xoxo

abbie , isaac and ani came for dinner

and sara's friend becca xoxo
it was the perfect summer evening for dinner outside and so nice to have my oldest home for awhile  xoxoxox

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i heart my equilateral 60 degree triangle quilt

i spent another WHOLE afternoon on my triangle quilt....and i am loving it...
oh so pretty...

i love how simple this quilt is...a perfect way to use these beautiful  art gallery prints [ mostly bohemian soul and bazaar]

this is the great darlene zimmerman equilateral 60 degree  ruler....i used the full ruler for the 6" finished triangle but 5,4,3,2 and 1" options are here too 

i cut my little heart out yesterday....i am making a queen for our travel trailer....i know it is awful pretty for camping but it is going to look so GOOD!!
i added a few solids to compliment the prints

the ruler comes w requirements for wallhanging and twin size....but for a queen i figured out each row across requires 14 prints and 15 backround [ i used kona bone] ....and i will need 17 sets for the length...finishing at 84 x 96

i pieced a few strips for variety and love the look
these triangles line up and sew together sooo easily...beautiful effortless squaring up required except on the end of each row...i think my sisters are going to want one too !!! xoxox

my sister gave me this wonderful word fabric by sweetwater....and it was the perfect addition to my other beautiful fabrics in this quilt...can hardly wait to finish this baby up...and the best part is that i have some sew time in the next week !!!
3 rows down....14 more to go.......hope you are happily sewing this week too !!!   xoxo  pam

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

so much to say...

i have been itching to use this beautiful fabric ever since buying it in february

love everything about these prints from artgalleryfabrics
inspired by the london road block in this sampler

i made a quick and easy sketch...
made a few quick and easy blocks

BUT no matter how i looked at was a complete BOMB for me....sooooo hoo
so yesterday i went back to it and decided to give this  equilateral triangle ruler a go

so much happier w this and excited again...i will use the arrows in the back or for something else...more to come on this real soon ...
and we found a used trailer...excellent price and so well cared for...we are going to be "happy campers"
this is sam w his new vintage  bike

and this is the seat that he sewed up all by himself [ proud mom moment] w dental floss [ his favorite method cuz it is so strong]

and there was a small garden birthday party on sunday xoxo

and john muir elementary continues to come down.....
happy tuesday xoxoxo  pam

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sweetist baby quilt and a bit of history

mary makes the sweetist baby quilts

they make me happy

and i always love her pieced backs....

the elementaary school that all my kids went to is being demolished ...

a new school has been built behind the old one
i am happy for the little children and the teachers that will start the new year with a brand spanking new school but a bit sad too xoxoxox
happy happy wednesday xoxo pam

Monday, July 9, 2012

home improvements

the whole weekend was devoted to the house....

favorite photo of the weekend...had to move all the plants off the deck to oil it and this photo just happened
this guy with the awesome tool belt primed and painted the whole south side of the house...with a teeny bit of help from me xxo

 i oiled our deck....loved being DONE and afterwards we had a fire w isaac , ani and kathi xoxox
the garden got a good weeding...loving those beet tops in our salads....thanks for the idea sharon xoxox
and this is how we finished our hardworking weekend ~ seared salmon on a bed of home grown garden greens yum yum xo
and jic you think i went a whole weekend without sewing .....finished this batik bom from pacific fabric up for seda using bush berries by lorien quilting
ani and isaac found this sweet poster for us  ...  found a perfect spot in the guest room
feels so good to get things done around home is good... xoxo pam

Friday, July 6, 2012

some weekly highlights

hooray ...our summer has arrived !! we have a 10 day awesome forecast ....

had a great canada day visit with michelle and becca

celebrated 4th of july with carrie and jim and this  "get out of jail free" is the only photo i took LOL

so enjoyed this day outside washing vehicles in the long lost  sunshine...

and it was followed by a wonderful happy hour with my bff monica

and for "fun" nick and i are finishing up our last but not least memory scrap book for lily...i started this tradition in 2003 when our first graduated....i had an inspirational dream way back then about adding her artwork to the scrapbook and it has become my favorite part of the whole thing and i am so happy that nick enjoys helping cuz i am not as fond of scrapbooking as i am of QUILTING xoxox

this wonderful poem is the first page in all four scrapbooks...the original was a sticker from ben i can't give credit  xoxo
this is such a wonderful way to use those mondo 8x10 school photos along with class pictures and  art/ school work from each grade .... soooooo hoping to have this wonderful book done mid august when she returns home for her mexico adventure xoxo

i made another bag...i was a bit disappointed at first because  quilting fabric didn't make as nice a bag as the first made with this heavier fabric but now that i have taken a step back i like it...funny how that goes...

happy happy friday to all....we have more home improvements planned for the weekend and they are not the fun deckstaining and painting the outside south wall that has not weathered well...but if we have a bit of energy left there will be a birthday party complete with some dancing on saturday night...fingers crossed xoxox pam
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