Monday, July 9, 2012

home improvements

the whole weekend was devoted to the house....

favorite photo of the weekend...had to move all the plants off the deck to oil it and this photo just happened
this guy with the awesome tool belt primed and painted the whole south side of the house...with a teeny bit of help from me xxo

 i oiled our deck....loved being DONE and afterwards we had a fire w isaac , ani and kathi xoxox
the garden got a good weeding...loving those beet tops in our salads....thanks for the idea sharon xoxox
and this is how we finished our hardworking weekend ~ seared salmon on a bed of home grown garden greens yum yum xo
and jic you think i went a whole weekend without sewing .....finished this batik bom from pacific fabric up for seda using bush berries by lorien quilting
ani and isaac found this sweet poster for us  ...  found a perfect spot in the guest room
feels so good to get things done around home is good... xoxo pam

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