Monday, April 4, 2016

my small world by jen kingwell second time around ~ section one complete

started  this quilt for the second time around here and  ta-da section one is complete ~  i am teaching this class at quilting mayhem
five sweet orange peel blocks done w my favorite spray starch method...i first learned this method from figtree

pinwheels and hour glass blocks are made with my favorite
quilt in a day triangle square up ruler

this is the top half of the first section...mostly sky with the city block
this is the bottom half ~ i modified a few blocks here that called for the small templates... the bottom left house is a good #3 in the book is super cute but i opted for easier~ plus i love that there is so much room for improv with this pattern

and i love my little orange house

also saving time by making  the repeat blocks ahead of time

              i am enjoying the process even more second time and i am excited to teach this fun class !

Next - "My small world section two"
                                                                  happy monday xo

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