Sunday, July 31, 2011

easy baby tag mat

I have made a few  tag mats in my day and I will admit that they have given me a "thing"  for ribbon....
this is the second one I have made for my husband's boss ...the first one is still being used by his first born who is 2 ....this is for  baby brother...
they are a fun and super easy project....

babies love the textures of flannel ,satin and ribbon

you can make these any size...I started w a 13"square of flannel and numerous  3-4" pieces of them well and staystitch twice to right side of fabric making them VERY secure

cut another 13" piece of satin like fabric

pin right sides together  , sew 1/4 " around pivoting on corners and  leaving an opening for turning

turn right side out pressing and poking out your corners  and then I like to do a decorative stitch close to the edge ...this also closes the opening

this is an easy 1 hour project that babies will enjoy for many many hours....

my 17 year old daughter wants an adult size tagmat and I might just make her one!!

 Happy Sunday to all....I am having a great day....I got out for some exercise, made this tagmat, finished machine quilting Hannah's peace grad quilt and now I am going to finish up the binding....oxoxo  Pam

Friday, July 29, 2011

sara's cherry house quilt

I made this quilt for sara awhile ago and forgot to take photos....

love the red flannel back pieced w leftovers

cherry house pattern i do

did triple  irregular lines

sara picked out the moda charisma fabric and pattern....
like usual i would love to make this quilt again in another color way....hope to find time one day....a good good weekend to all ~ pam ~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

now blooming

the climatus and the hollyhock are blooming....

i moved the hollyhock last fall from a front bed to the back garden....i think she is happy...

it was a blue sky day.....

love the triple line in this me quilting ideas

love the center star in this beauty

oh, we have carrots !!

hollyhock is truly one of my favorites

joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to see how GOOD things really are....marianne williamson...
i truly had a "moment"   yesterday where i felt the pure simple joy of how GOOD things really are !!!!!
i found this wonderful quote on daisyjanesblog she is part of a "where i sew" tour at pinkchalkstudio that i have been enjoying so much this month....

I am off to get some exercise on the stairs this morning and then it is a customer sew day for me.... ~pam ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

peace is pieced

I finished peicing Hannah's peace grad quilt!! I LOVE IT>>>want to make another for was an easy peasy quilt to make... took about 6 hours I think....found this pattern here at tallgrassprairiestudio    thanks was a great pattern to follow......

 added 6 " borders  making it 72" square instead of 60".....looking forward to piecing the back and quilting this up real soon......
                                                 happy tuesday to all    ~ pam ~     

Sunday, July 24, 2011

saturday adventure

Yesterday was a beautiful day.... nick and i went for a drive up north with no destination...

chuckanut drive ~oyster bar restaurant

perfect spot for a beer and some lunch

fancy violet butter

perfect day

lunch for 2

nick had salmon

i had bouillabaisse

drove thru edison


loved this store....all sorts of interesting stuff made from recycled materials

by local artists.... and check this out..... owner jessica bonin is doing a 365 painting a day project....

perfect setup...a store front attached to an art studio..... had me dreaming of having my own funky quilt shop...happy sunday to all!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Barbara's Big Q 3 for Jim

Barbara made this quilt for her fireman friend Jim...He and his brother rode in as soon as they saw the plane hit on 9-11...he worked 3 days straight and continued to work for 3 more years at the site... he lost a lot of friends and has problems with his stomach and lungs as a result...this is ONE SPECIAL QUILT for ONE SPECIAL MAN !

BQ3 pattern by Debbie Bowles Maple Island Quilts...machine quilted w starswirl by heart and soul

Barbara found this fireman fabric at Pacific Fabric

I know every quilt has a special story but this one is genuinely special !!!!
Happy weekend to all!!  ~ pam ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

sounders and manchester united

We went to the big soccer game last night....we surprised Nick with tickets to the game for his birthday.....

we tailgated with karyn and nelson

kathi is getting down for the sounders!

met with our friends and

did the march to the stadium....

it was really cool to walk in this sea of sounders green.....

the special BD boy....

scarves are very important!!!

people ...people everywhere....

the fabulous view...we had a gorgeous evening in Seattle....

record breaking crowd of over 67000 !!!!

final score was 7-0 for Manchester

she loves her daddy....
It was such a fun night....thank you to all our friends for sharing ....Pam

Monday, July 18, 2011


I finished up a customer quilt and then I had a bit of fun....motivated by wanting to make  little something special for Louise's BD I came up with these sweet little somethings.....

there is just something about this ticker tape applique that I just LOVE...

scraps make the sweetest little houses

so whimsical


love these little houses

move into my heart pay no rent

just can't get enough

this is a gift for Louise's BD....she loves John Lennon's song" Imagine "

definitely wasted a few hours today but it was soooo fun!!
~ Pam ~
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