Sunday, July 31, 2011

easy baby tag mat

I have made a few  tag mats in my day and I will admit that they have given me a "thing"  for ribbon....
this is the second one I have made for my husband's boss ...the first one is still being used by his first born who is 2 ....this is for  baby brother...
they are a fun and super easy project....

babies love the textures of flannel ,satin and ribbon

you can make these any size...I started w a 13"square of flannel and numerous  3-4" pieces of them well and staystitch twice to right side of fabric making them VERY secure

cut another 13" piece of satin like fabric

pin right sides together  , sew 1/4 " around pivoting on corners and  leaving an opening for turning

turn right side out pressing and poking out your corners  and then I like to do a decorative stitch close to the edge ...this also closes the opening

this is an easy 1 hour project that babies will enjoy for many many hours....

my 17 year old daughter wants an adult size tagmat and I might just make her one!!

 Happy Sunday to all....I am having a great day....I got out for some exercise, made this tagmat, finished machine quilting Hannah's peace grad quilt and now I am going to finish up the binding....oxoxo  Pam


  1. i am going to make a couple of these for baby gifts soon. i need 4 gifts, and have 2 quilts in the works. this is a fun gift for baby!

  2. Luv this idea... made one for my son... Thanks.. :-)


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