Friday, June 29, 2012

treasures of the week

funny word of the week ....dickbucket...compliments of chawne  ...i always enjoy her words

a great poem by raymond carver...compliments of brene's blog....i always enjoy her words too...i heart "show the world your magic" and the favorite word being "treasure"

a pizza date with nick....meatball, red onion, sundried tomato and kalamata olive....compliments of our neighborhood pizza bank restaurant

a light work week that gave me a bit of shopping time...

a mid week night out with my girl buddies....

early morning stair climbing with danette, brenda, liz and caroline xoxoxoxo i love u girls!!!

and so happy to say we will have michelle and rebecca as our guests this weekend...

i found not one but

two of these milk glass lamps [ don't be jealous jenny] at two different for 20 dollars  and the other for 12 dollars...

And also the most perfect little book shelf for the freshly painted guest room....35 dollars xoxoxo
and this little wire rack for 5 dollars... perfect for more plants on the deck...inspired by sister susan and her most wonderful garden xoxox

   feeling so very thankful today....happy weekend to all....pam xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

most yummy and super easy chocolate toffee crackers

super easy and super delicious....i first tasted these at sheila's house, she made them with club crackers but if you google this recipe there are a few variations ....and i especially love the easy cleanup by using foil lined pans w parchment cut to size...[best tip ever]

find the easy peasy recipe here

i made this batch with pecans....
happy wednesday xoxox pam

Sunday, June 24, 2012

later that same day....

glidden winter wheat...all done xoxoxo

well deserved xoxo

so nice to have a guest room freshly painted...

now we just need some guests xoxox

before and after

this is the before shot of the spare is  painting day....soon this room will be yellow...and see the lovely framed embroidery on the right???

yesterday i taped it up and spray painted the frame ...

and ta da.....

this is one of my most favorite thrift store treasures, i found it for $35....and it is going to look so good in the freshly painted yellow bedroom....

and this is taped on the it!!!

               HAPPY SUNDAY.....XOXOX pam

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy summer solstice

our june garden is the best...the sun is shining today so i spent some time in the yard after my morning walk....

love how the ivy has finally taken a liking to the bottle tree xoxox

flower pinwheel from joanne's

one of the sweetist flowers ever

our little  and sort of pitiful garden

we really have had a very cool spring...the garden will be very happy after todays sunshine !!

first time growing beets...fingers crossed

love the shade garden ...

note to self...sit here more often xoxoxo

first of the hydrangea...

love love and love to see the birds splish splash in here xoxox
happy wednesday summer solstice to all

xoxoxo pam

Saturday, June 16, 2012

sewing 4 me xoxo

decided to cut into my coveted echino by etsuko furuya...i actually won some of this fabric here 

i found " kathy's sewing tote" pattern  @ aunt mary'squilt shop awhile ago...and now i am soo happy to have a finished bag that i really like and will actually use xoxxo
also tried out this very cool applique technique that jo ann blade inspired definitely helps to have a long arm but it is still doable wo ....i used the panto blooming feathers by anne bright but you could transfer any design onto a double layer of top fabric

and trim the outline of the pattern on the  top layer very carefully...

i chose a green binding to finish this sweet little project up...and i love it soooo much i am dreaming about queensize now xoxoxo
    happy weekend to all   ~ pam ~

Monday, June 11, 2012

some weekend fun and some hanky treasure

this weekend fun was inspired

by this....i might have to have another go at this cuz i really like the circular  effect and i definitely didn't capture that....

and surprize... i had all the right colors  in my solid stash....

also found these embroidered hankies at my local thrift store...

and i am very curious about this one????
happy monday to all....the sun is shining here  xoxoxox  ~pam ~

Friday, June 8, 2012

cherry house tempest and some new wheels

love this quilt...the design and the solids...more cherry house goodness here

iris made this quilt for her gd ...

i machine quilted it w one of my fave patterns packer wave by patty clayton

love this simple  cherry house tempest pattern...think it is on my wish list...xoxo

had to say goodbye to my mazda 3 this week...only 70 thousand miles but she  was having engine trouble....

say hello to my new little friend....a kia forte koup ~ oolala right?? we have 2 new vehicles and  2 new payments....

happy weekend to all...hoping for some sunshine and some time in the garden..xoxox

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

fig tree factory

i got 4 new projects started on my recent sister sister sew week in alberta

the 3 of us have an unreasonable amount of  beautiful fig tree fabric so we decided to make it the focus of our spring sewing week....

added a bit of solids and started another foundation strip quilt...i could make hundreds of these string quilts...i think it is my 5th one...see a easy tutorial here

and i started fresh vintage laundry baskets by fig tree

also started an easy peasy hst with 4 5/8 " squares...think i love this the most ....soooo simple

or maybe this is my favorite....used 2 1/2 strips and made these simple square in a square  blocks...was thinking baby quilt but now i think i want to make this queen size....

sisters concentrated on one quilt....using the sweetist pattern called strips, bits and blooms by bloom creek

this was a much more involved project than my 4 put together but it is sooo beautiful and i was wanting to do it as well ...there is applique involved in this beauty xo

and of course there had to be a fig tree photo shoot

amazing what a few girls can do with their fabric stashes and a bolt of kona cream xoxoxox
                    happy wednesday to all xoxo pam

                     ps we still have an unreasonable amount of fig tree fabric
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