Friday, June 29, 2012

treasures of the week

funny word of the week ....dickbucket...compliments of chawne  ...i always enjoy her words

a great poem by raymond carver...compliments of brene's blog....i always enjoy her words too...i heart "show the world your magic" and the favorite word being "treasure"

a pizza date with nick....meatball, red onion, sundried tomato and kalamata olive....compliments of our neighborhood pizza bank restaurant

a light work week that gave me a bit of shopping time...

a mid week night out with my girl buddies....

early morning stair climbing with danette, brenda, liz and caroline xoxoxoxo i love u girls!!!

and so happy to say we will have michelle and rebecca as our guests this weekend...

i found not one but

two of these milk glass lamps [ don't be jealous jenny] at two different for 20 dollars  and the other for 12 dollars...

And also the most perfect little book shelf for the freshly painted guest room....35 dollars xoxoxo
and this little wire rack for 5 dollars... perfect for more plants on the deck...inspired by sister susan and her most wonderful garden xoxox

   feeling so very thankful today....happy weekend to all....pam xoxoxo

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