Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy summer solstice

our june garden is the best...the sun is shining today so i spent some time in the yard after my morning walk....

love how the ivy has finally taken a liking to the bottle tree xoxox

flower pinwheel from joanne's

one of the sweetist flowers ever

our little  and sort of pitiful garden

we really have had a very cool spring...the garden will be very happy after todays sunshine !!

first time growing beets...fingers crossed

love the shade garden ...

note to self...sit here more often xoxoxo

first of the hydrangea...

love love and love to see the birds splish splash in here xoxox
happy wednesday summer solstice to all

xoxoxo pam


  1. You could have beet greens in your salad! Our gardens are always late bloomers!

  2. Compared to my "garden" yours is huge. We have two tomato plants in a couple of pots. Of course I have lots of flowers, just never get into having a veggie garden. Maybe one of these years. Love the pic of the bottle tree.


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