Saturday, April 30, 2011

making sweet progress with the grad quilts....

 I started on Elizabeth's quilt at 5am this morning...gotta get up and sew when I can't sleep right??
 I have been looking forward to playing with this idea. I saw this post recently on one of my favorite blogs...lizzy house and cherry house are a very creative mother/daughter team and they have been a favorite of mine for awhile....hope to get in lots of sewing in this weekend...graduation is coming fast....
~ Pam ~

loving these colors...I am working with 4.5 wof  making 12.5 unfinished blocks...need to make 30 blocks

and ta da ...Savannah's 20 easy foundation strip blocks ready for piecing.... 

Friday, April 22, 2011

just for the love of fabric

got my denyse schmidt love fix at jo-ann's was $9.99 a yard but I used some great coupons

perfect for Sav's quilt...her family LOVES the peace sign!!

gotta put a bit of this sweetness in her quilt too

found this meadowsweet at ben franklin on sale ...i LOVE it and look how great it is with the new ds dots!!

great home dec pears....probably make some  potholders

love the lemons....

looks like a great binding to me

more pocket pixies...every girl needs a bit of magic in her stash
 ....hoping to sew  most of the weekend away... Happy Easter !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Stylish Blog Awards....

My friend Jenny was given "The Stylish Blog Award"  and then she was so nice to  give it to me.....this a super fun way to discover new blogs and share all the amazing creative goodness that is out the first thing I am supposed to do is tell 7 things about myself .....

1.  i am a canadian girl that LOVES to quilt
2. i love to walk every day with my ipod loud
3. chocolate nips are my very favorite sweet
4. i have a secret wild side that surprises some
5. i am going to spring quilt market in salt lake city with jenny
6.i have 2 wonderful sisters that love to quilt too youngest of  four graduates high school this year ... i have been married to sweet nick for 25 years and we will be empty nesters in the fall.

and now I pass this award on to 6 blogs that inspired me....if any of these blogs pass on the award they need to link back to me and the blogs they pressure...just fun.... and only if they want...thanks!!

I found most of these blogs in this flickr group....   ..... here you will find a lot of quilts and a lot of inspiration!!

  • using a double wedding ring die from Accuquilter to create Rob Peter to pay Paul quilt this project is so beautiful!!
  •  I have been enjoying the ramblings of Dottie Angel for awhile now...I love, love her  vintage pieces...

You might want to grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a bit...I know the blog world is a total time suck but it is soooo worth it!  I usually spend  an hour in the am and a bit of time at lunch blog hopping  and I am never disappointed.... Happy Wednesday to all.....Pam

Saturday, April 16, 2011

pretty in pink complete with simple instructions

I am making a graduation quilt for Savannah. She loves pink and I love to sew with pink!!
I decided on simple foundation string piecing and I am loving the results....

strips can be any width...1' -3"....they need to be cut straight

I made my foundation piece 15"....draw a pencil line on the diagonal

put your first 2 strips right sides together and line them up to the drawn pencil line

sew a quarter inch seam allowance

press open and continue to sew and flip and press strips

careful to extend your strips past the foundation piece

flip over and trim using the foundation piece as your trimming guide

the finished block is oh so pretty....

have fun playing around with block placement....

I love to use all sorts of fabric....I put a few solids in this one....I love the contrast it makes

did you notice that I got some of the sherbert pips???

pink is so nice to play with

do you love it??

I totally behaved myself with the sherbert pips....just got a few half yard cuts....

also found the pixies from alexander henry....doesn't she make you want to make a wish??

I wish for more time to sew the fun stuff and a lot more money for college and vacations and fabric!!!

I hope to finish this sweet quilt later this week...I will post a pic then....I am making 4 grad quilts for Lily and  3 good will be fun to post pics of the girls with their finished quilts...I got some sewing to do!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

crafty getaway

I got away over the weekend to a beautiful place on the Key Peninsula....oolala...My good friend Monica invited a few of us to her sister's family home on Mayo Cove. Eight of us were included in this wonderful invite but only six of us were able to make it...we missed you Kathi and Patty!!!

  beach bunnies

chilly but so happy

seashells from the sea shore

Monica and her sisters ...Therese, Joan and Marie

so beautiful

first tulip sighting

trillium in the woods

and there were family heirloom quilts at Therese and Orrin's

very old family quilts

love the orange center of this flower

 136 years old!!!

all hand done with beautiful fabrics

love the star design around the flower

so wonderful to see these quilts

this is Orrin's seaside workshop...full of family history  and great projects....

our great clam dig

Louise got her hands dirty before me

we ate clams and Korean beef around the fire that Orrin got started for us...

early morning walk with Carrie

Monica made special buckets for beach combing

good times in Mayo Cove....

Funny, there are no crafting photos....a few of us did a bit of scrap booking but mostly we enjoyed the fresh air and company of one and other...we are all hoping to be invited again real soon.....Thank you Therese and Orrin and Monica for sharing this wonderful spot with us!!!
Happy Monday to all!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Memory Quilts

Pam B. and some friends made these memory quilts to honor a special friend who passed away recently...They were able to make 3 special quilts that will be given to his family.
It was so nice to have a small part in something so of the many reasons I LOVE my job machine quilting for others so much!

finished up so soft....perfect cuddle quilts...

no shoes  no shirt  no problem

gotta love this one!

this is my favorite....he was a school teacher

machine quilted with puzzle meander by Jessica Schick...

I love how this simple pattern finished up....the ripple effect looks good

this is the first time using this panto and I  am very happy with get the meander look with a consistent scale...

the simple construction of these quilts with the black backround looks so good....very nice job Pam B and did a very nice thing!
Happy Tuesday to all.....  xoxoxoPam
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