Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Stylish Blog Awards....

My friend Jenny was given "The Stylish Blog Award"  and then she was so nice to  give it to me.....this a super fun way to discover new blogs and share all the amazing creative goodness that is out the first thing I am supposed to do is tell 7 things about myself .....

1.  i am a canadian girl that LOVES to quilt
2. i love to walk every day with my ipod loud
3. chocolate nips are my very favorite sweet
4. i have a secret wild side that surprises some
5. i am going to spring quilt market in salt lake city with jenny
6.i have 2 wonderful sisters that love to quilt too youngest of  four graduates high school this year ... i have been married to sweet nick for 25 years and we will be empty nesters in the fall.

and now I pass this award on to 6 blogs that inspired me....if any of these blogs pass on the award they need to link back to me and the blogs they pressure...just fun.... and only if they want...thanks!!

I found most of these blogs in this flickr group....   ..... here you will find a lot of quilts and a lot of inspiration!!

  • using a double wedding ring die from Accuquilter to create Rob Peter to pay Paul quilt this project is so beautiful!!
  •  I have been enjoying the ramblings of Dottie Angel for awhile now...I love, love her  vintage pieces...

You might want to grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a bit...I know the blog world is a total time suck but it is soooo worth it!  I usually spend  an hour in the am and a bit of time at lunch blog hopping  and I am never disappointed.... Happy Wednesday to all.....Pam


  1. Congrats!! I forgot about the modern day quilt blog..I do like that and good finds on the other blogs..thanks for sharing!

  2. aw, thanks! and thanks for linking to these other blogs; it's always fun to find new-to-me quilters.


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