Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the beginning of fall in my neighborhood

i took the camera on my walk today and i found the first signs of autumn

i had to really look though....

this oak tree is just starting....definitely feel it in the crisp morning air.....
happy wednesday to all .... my  friends and i call it hump day .... we usually meet for a drink at our neighborhood pub on wednesday is only 9:45 am and i am looking forward to it already!!!! xoxoxo ~ pam ~

Friday, September 23, 2011

out of my box

a few years back i was very lucky to see marylou weidman speak at a qa meeting....she inspired me to step out of the box in quilting and to put secrets in my quilts....

this quilt was inspired by her....the flowers represent my 4 kids
each flower stem has a name and is the secret that you don't notice unless it is pointed out

these special little messages are form yogi tea

i wound all my faves around the buttons

it is one of my favorite quilts cuz i designed it myself and it was one of my first colorful quilts...
i bought this book the night i met mary lou
she signed my book...her trunk show was amazing....

this is one of my favorite quilts in this book...she redesigned an old gramma's flower garden with applique...
now fast forward a few years..... .. lucky lucky me won this pattern on mary lou's blog after posting a comment about being  "out of the box " it is my first thing ever won in blogland!! thank you mary lou and such designs!!!

i adore this idea and want to make some sweet houses real soon...

 visit mary lou's blog and also read about such designs here   happy friday to all ~ pam ~ xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pinwheels for peace

walked by this on my morning walk today....what a great way to start my day!!!

hundreds of wonderful pinwheels

so inspired by these words

doesn't it give you that peaceful easy feeling ? happy wednesday.... xoxoxo ~pam ~

Saturday, September 17, 2011

two posts in one day.... a little bit of vintage ,a saturday hike and a pitstop at keepsake cottage

first of all.... i just want to say how much i love to is such a wonderful way to keep track of special moments in my life....
we had a great saturday....our first one as empty nesters....

washed up these vintage pillow how well they go with this quilt...

went for a hike to lynnwood's meadowdale beach park

these trees are massive...

what a great spot to rent for $47...covered cookhouse,  volleyball and go
thru here to the ocean

i have really gotten into this ear thing

first time for my ear

thank you honey buckets xoxoxo

my friend monica inspired me years ago to collect heart shape rocks.....i am getting quite the collection

such good advice don't you think?

a park ranger lives here

love this

and look there was stairs
 then there was a very short pitstop to keepsake cottage in this sweet turtle selvage
...havn't stopped in for a long time and i knew they had some little apples

love love love

so adorable
not sure what i am going to do with it but i had to have just a bit of it....

just because i LOVE word fabric.....

also picked up some more of my favorite needles for applique and hand sewing my binding down.....i love the straw needles too but they bend easily....i recommend the black and gold cuz they are so sharp and strong...thanks kay!!

and now after a delicious dinner we are going to watch a movie....this empty nesting  business is going to be alright....  xoxo pam

the last of the grad quilts

lily and i finished russell's quilt just in time....he is leaving for college today!!!

machine quilted w keryn emmerson's square spiral

lily and russell have been friends since junior high....they are both the youngest in their families and now they are off to different colleges...

pieced flannel back

totally inspired by pippa's sidewalk quilt this girl knows what to do with solids!!!!

lastly we made a very subtle label....

 this was my first but definitely not my last all solids quilt...loved playing with all these colors...especially fun to work with my daughter and collaborate together....

started this little something w the leftovers from russell's quilt ....been wanting to play with irregular shapes and curves  for , fun , fun..looking forward to spending some more time on this soon....
happy weekend to all xooxxo ~ pam ~
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