Thursday, August 29, 2013

BEST new dinner idea...brushetta spaghetti squash yum yum

made it...loved delicious !! couldn't find the recipe that i reposted recently from Jenny Morris Pedigo ...where did it go? i used this recipe as a guide xo
used the above recipe as a guide line and it worked great...i usually bake my squash but 10 minutes in the microwave was perfect... i had fresh garden tomato and basil, red onion , sausage, a drizzle of olive oil and a dab of butter

 topped w grated cheese...broiled for a few minutes...yum yum ...was so GOOD...this dinner  is a KEEPER xo
                                      happy thursday... xo pam

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

show and tell tuesday ~ macaroni love story quilt xo

i ordered this SPECIAL heather ross fabric in october 2010 from spoonflower [ some of her out of print designs are still available through them ]

i have been holding on tight to  this sweet sweet fabric  for almost three years ...i just knew i  wanted to make a special something for ME cuz i love everything  heather ross

 many ideas  later  i have decided  to keep it i only have two yards...but it is so easy to make this  fabric go a long way and   to do all the work xo

I LOVE IMPROV and it loves me!   i am using the  macaroni love story prints with 6 yards of marcus brothers oasis organic taupe cotton xo 

i have 3 easy rules 1. have fun 2. enjoy this special fabric 3. square up each block to 12 1/2 "

 this is my favorite block so far and  the beginning of my LOVE STORY quilt...looking forward to more xo

hooking up with randi @ i havetosay for showandtelltuesday    happy tuesday xo pam

Monday, August 26, 2013

monday shopping xo

stopped in at tj max for bags..they have new designs all the time...BUT how perfect are these? they have  quilts all over them...i might have bought 17 of them!
i use these for large customer quilts...they cost me 99 cents...i love customers love them and use them again and again !!

and these ones support save the children....

wasn't shopping for flip flops but i got 2 pairs...couldn't say no to the purple chevron or the uggs[they are sooo comfortable] and i found a chevron hand towel too at tj max.

stopped in at the new value village in woodinville and found some treasure there  too...quilting flannel, a dress,a summer top, 2 nighties and an exercise top

love these prices xo
love to shop...definitely the most excited about the bags!!  happy monday !  xo pam

Sunday, August 25, 2013

our birthday girl xo

a new bicycle for sara... happy birthday to you !!

we had an early birthday dinner...

it was a small crew ... we missed you lily and isaac xo
celebrating twenty eight years of you xoxoxo
me and my baby girl  ~ 1985 xo

i made a ticker tape word pillow for her ~ easy peasy long arm style

it will go well with her anna maria mother goose quilt i am working on ...

even did a button hole xo
happy sunday xo pam

Saturday, August 24, 2013

garden harvest 2013

our small  garden is not the greatest...i don't really  have a green thumb and we don't get enough sun... the carrots and beets were pitiful this year..this is the whole bounty right here...BUT tonight dinner will be yummy xo

tomatoes are the best this year though... it has been hotter than usual ??

sewed the day away   w kay and her new puppy phoebe [haha ...caught her puppy sneaking strips of fabric from my basket several times...wish i would have got a photo...xo] her new sewing parlor is much beautiful sewing space...thank you kay xo

i worked on my mother goose

and got a few more stars done
kay worked on a new robyn pandolph quilt and set up her new design wall xo

kay is getting ready to cut into this goodness...jealous ~ i like her anna maria fabrics better than mine xo
celebrating my my oldest daughter's 28th birthday tonight ~ salmon, garden veggies and ooey gooey chocolate love that  i have been a mom for that long...i have  very sweet  memories of having her...our very first baby xoxo

happy saturday xo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

customer time w a JENNY quilt xo

just finished up ann's quilt with a simple but time consuming free motion  ribbon and circle ...she made this for her son's wedding ~ such a STUNNING quilt !

made with jenny's urban beads pattern and quick curve here
love my job love my job love my job xo  happy wednesday xo pam

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

back on my stripey lone star xo and show and tell tuesday xo

the plan is finally complete xo

all the fabric is pre cut and another star is done...

and instead of joining the improv blocks w the stars i have decided to use them in the back xo
i am going to do 9 blocks ~ 3x3  with a border finishing up at 88' square xo  ~ 3 down 6 to go xo more here

feels so good to be focused on ani and isaac's quilt is going to be a BEAUTY... xo pam

linking up to show and tell tuesday w randi xoxox

Sunday, August 18, 2013

my favorite history book ever ~ dr. esther clayson pohl lovejoy

i just read a book from the library about one of oregon's earliest woman physicians ...i was in awe of esther from start to finish...her life accomplishments are amazing...a true pioneer of GIRL POWER...she spent her long life making a difference on so many important levels...
the following is quoted from the book.
her life intersected with some of the most important currents of the twentieth century: feminism, the rise of companionate marriage, universal suffrage, governmental reform, migration, labor rights, public health, the professionalization of medical and social work, anti-militarism and global citizenship. the book explores lovejoy's farsighted approaches to politics, health and society as well as her civic and medical activism [early doctors without borders].
i love her term "constructive resistance," ~  the ability to take effective action against unjust power.
her freedom to build her life also came in part because she had liberated herself from her father...her work stemmed from her own ambition to her 1912 "argument for woman suffrage" she  noted that " it falls largely upon the high spirited girl who has the luck or ill luck to resemble a {dominant} father."
she vowed to build a career with work that she loved and work that had meaning.
and i love this ~ as she prepared for her autobiography she said " there are parts of my story -  glowing memories that are forever mine alone.  these can not be spread on paper without losing their beauty."

                      more info on dr. pohl lovejoy's 1869-1967 biography by kimberly jensen

                     I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  next i want to read a book that was written by her  in 1957 ~ women doctors of the world   ~  happy sunday  xo pam

Saturday, August 17, 2013

mason lake

a day of perfect sunshine and friends at mason lake ~ thanks carmen!! xoxo

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

professional quilt juggler ?

or am i just  crazy in love with quilting ?? i know that i love it when  i get a new quilt idea ...and once i have a quilt  started and all the requirements are organized it is easy to step away from it ... and prioritize  ... isaac and ani's star quilt is on the top of that list...i have had  some good ideas on this quilt but keep procrastinating cuz i am  not completely sure...

and since i have been wiped out w a cold for almost a week , i have actually had more sewing time... staying busy kept me from being completely miserable ...but i didn't have my usual  customer stamina  ~ so in between i was  taking sit down breaks at my regular sewing machine...

 i started this star quilt for isaac and ani awhile back more here
and i am really wanting to proceed and finish this quilt for them i spent some time WONDERING

HOW to add these improv blocks to the  stars???  my main  problem is layout ???

i am making more improv blocks and coming up with a final plan soon xo
meanwhile i am making slow progress on customer quilts....finished machine quilting sherri's quilt w dizzy izzy baby

and i started on her batik/ kaffe w rhapsody xo

                              happy wednesday  xo pam

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

mother goose i love you !

so happy to have this growing on my design wall...i ran out of fabric but was able to improvise with a bit from my stash and a quick trip to a local shop...all my blocks are cut out and ready to go. more here
boo hoo... i did discover an error in the cutting requirements here ~   5 5/8" should read 5 7/8 "  ~ wo the adjustment you will lose your points completely...xo   ps ~ sent an email to confirm the error and anna maria responded quickly saying it would be modified soon xo

also linking up with randi for show and tell tuesday  ~ happy tuesday xo pam

Monday, August 12, 2013

anna maria's mother goose xo

i have a rotten cold but i still managed a bit of sewing time over the weekend...i was so disappointed that i had to cancel my sew day w kay ... so i started the quilt that we were supposed to start together...xo

i have had this lovely stack of anna maria's field study linens since may...

 it was very HARD to cut into this

but i am so glad i did...i am using anna maria's mother goose zig zag pattern ....i am making mine larger for my daughters queensize bed...approx. 200 flying geese blocks 5" x 10"  ~ 40 down 160 to go is going to be a BEAUTY xoo
boo hoo... i did discover an error in the cutting requirements here ~   5 5/8" should read 5 7/8 "  ~ wo the adjustment you will lose your points completely...xo   ps ~ sent an email to confirm the error and anna maria responded quickly saying it would be modified soon xo
 and a little shout out to our beautiful garden tomatos ~ yum yum xo

   happy monday xo pam

Friday, August 9, 2013

change of plans

got the crud...stayed home boo hoo ~  no sew day w kay xo

organized and tidied my stash

makes me happy makes and makes me feel out of control too

feels so good to make it pretty

so much fabric...never enough time...

i even have a rainbow pile xo
and while i was organizing i kept the small pieces out and sorted them into color... more improv blocks coming soon
i have a total of 12 blocks now and i am confused....should i combine them ?

make a mostly black quilt?

and a rainbow one?
think i will make more improv blocks while i am deciding... xo pam
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