Sunday, June 30, 2013

new curtains and garden update

i made new curtains...

with the perfect fabric xoxo

while nick did some yard cleanup xo

blooming right now

also blooming

getting ready to BURST

love these

they have a perfect leaf

first tomatoes

love the TIDY new woodpile xo

first hollyhock xoxox
                                                   happy sunday xoxoxo pam

Saturday, June 29, 2013

quilts recover southern alberta

i am sending a few fun slab blocks to cheryl arkison /diningroomempire who is from the calgary , alberta area that was hit so badly last week with flood waters...she is organizing this project...she is asking for help to "get some beds and hearts covered "
next up a blue one and then i will get them mailed off to cheryl...i am originally from alberta...i have a niece [sheryl lives second floor of  building that got hit and she has been very involved with the cleanup xoxox] and a brother who luckily wasn't is crazy crazy to see the images in the news right now...

love this improv style...just sew some color scraps together...trim to 15 1/2 " ~ love being able to sew up a few fun blocks and help at the same time...of course this quilt idea is on my to do list now!

one blue was not enough...

two blue...had to make one more for me to keep!! i think i could improv the rest of my life away xoxo

i even love the itty bitty scraps xo

 just a few good stitches but it makes me feel good to make a small contribution. more info here  xo pam

Monday, June 24, 2013

back at it xox

we had a great 4 day  getaway at lake easton....but it is always good to be back in my well loved sewing room....

back to my wonderful work...machine quilting diane's beautiful french general quilt w all over hearts by keryn emmerson [this panto is one of my has feathers, hearts and loops with the perfect scale for smaller piecing]...i love my job!! xo

wow right? look at the back...perfect piecing complete w perfect pressing ...

 this quilt finished up BEAUTIFUL!

all the teeny tiny half square triangles look so good...
 the back is perfect too xo
and this awesome heather ross briar rose pile was waiting for me at home ~ patience xo
had an amazing camping trip to lake easton ~ just a bit more than an hour away east...many beautiful  wild flowers...

we hiked around the lake

acted liked models ~ zoolander style

had this amazing front row seat xo

it was love at first site xo

carrie and i did a bit of trailer trash bottle cap art

we drank well

we ate well too !!
                                         happy monday !! xo pam

Sunday, June 16, 2013

catching up ....

been busy busy in the sewing room catching up....i post pictures of all my customer quilts here

finished this up for becky a. this week ....w ruffle flower by aimee simmon - splendid stitches

the flower pattern finished this quilt up beautifully xo

and becky chose holly's hearts by patricia ritter for this batik heart quilt...

it was a perfect choice...

and gerry's quilt is up next...i am brewing some ideas for this fun xmas. quilt...gerry turned 90 a few years ago...i love that she is still quilting a lot...she goes to eva's lwc quilting class every quarter...all her friend's made this quilt for her when she celebrated her 90th xoxo i am so inspired by her and hope i am happily quilting at 90 too !!
i am on inspiration overload right now as well ...i have a few projects that i am so excited to start...i have been very patient....
eeeeee....i have been saving this for so is probably my MOST favorite fabric EVER and i know what i want to do with it now !!

so stinkin cute
i can't wait !! involves some beautiful natural essex quilters linen from pink castle xoxo
and another eeeeee...... this package came in the mail yesterday....i am sharing 1/2 yard cuts w kay....ready whenever u r kay!!

this is one beautiful pile of quilter's linen by anna maria that i can't wait to cut into ...kay and i are both making the mother goose quilt....

and we are going camping mid week ... life is good!!
been getting organized for a  camping trip to lake easton xoxoxo

AND HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my wonderful, loving, supportive husband who is the best dad ever and all the other wonderful dad's out there !!  xoxo pam

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sam i am ~ ten minute tube style pillowcase xo

decided to make #3 son sam a pillowcase for his 23rd....i have been using a tattered old paper pattern for years w a mini sample my friend dee made for me [ cuz i always forget how] ...but i found a similar tutorial utube video here

bought this dr. seuss w sam in mind...

used some coveted metro rings xo

love how it finished up xoxo ~  i want more... i want more... i really like it... i want more...
                        linking up with randi for show and tell tuesday xo

                         happy tuesday xo pam

Sunday, June 9, 2013

weekend fun

wine tastings just down the hill from us...

but we did have to walk back up that hill

with this reward for dinner xo

hung up the mexico flags lily brought home for us xoxo

visited the ballard locks today

have not been there since the kids were little...xo

really enjoyed some beer and delicious pubfare at the jolly roger ~ maritime brewery in ballard

and we had a surprise appearance from these two xoxoxo
                                      such a nice weekend visit with julie and kaman xoxo
                                                            happy sunday ! xo pam
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