Saturday, June 29, 2013

quilts recover southern alberta

i am sending a few fun slab blocks to cheryl arkison /diningroomempire who is from the calgary , alberta area that was hit so badly last week with flood waters...she is organizing this project...she is asking for help to "get some beds and hearts covered "
next up a blue one and then i will get them mailed off to cheryl...i am originally from alberta...i have a niece [sheryl lives second floor of  building that got hit and she has been very involved with the cleanup xoxox] and a brother who luckily wasn't is crazy crazy to see the images in the news right now...

love this improv style...just sew some color scraps together...trim to 15 1/2 " ~ love being able to sew up a few fun blocks and help at the same time...of course this quilt idea is on my to do list now!

one blue was not enough...

two blue...had to make one more for me to keep!! i think i could improv the rest of my life away xoxo

i even love the itty bitty scraps xo

 just a few good stitches but it makes me feel good to make a small contribution. more info here  xo pam

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