Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TADA ~ my yearly slideshow and wishing everyone a very happy new year

 thank you to all my quilting girls
 you, along with the HUGE world wide interweb
 inspire me every day
 and are the reason i am celebrating nine years of  loving my job !

i have been so busy with my family and home the last few weeks... but my year end inventory is done and the house is undecorated...i am looking forward to things winding down and having some everyday sewing time.

every year i say i am going to figure out how to make it simpler and more in the moment.
i have a few good ideas for 2015... mostly i need to forget "simple" cuz it never is and concentrate on that moment thing ~ cheers to that !

news flash... christmas 2015 we will have a seven month old baby boy in our family photo ~  looking forward to being a first time gramma and making a few baby quilts xoxo

 sooo very thankful for all my family, friends and quilting customers

 wishing you all a very very happy new  year !

 xo pam

Friday, December 19, 2014

six more sleeps

merry christmas

this is what the last week before christmas really looks like....

still going strong on these ~ EVERYONE gets a key fob this year! how to here

finished up this  riley blake cutie as a gift but i just might keep it xo

and i made twelve  easy hot pads using the bunnyhill winter wonderland panel and using a zigzag rotary blade to trim them
    just a bit more customer time in 2014...
    and then i hope to finish up a few more christmas projects over the holiday break~ happy friday xo

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

enjoying the season

i LOVE the little things ~ i machine quilted this small wall hanging yesterday with the swirls and pebbles inspired by jenny and her AMAZING quilting ...the project was from my november featherweight class  riley blake lovey dovey pillow pattern

and i am making some easy peasy hot pads for the neighbours with the wonderland panel from keepsake cottage i have been loving my featherweight class there each month and joyce always has such cute projects organized xo

and my last few customer quilts of the year...christi's denyse schmidt done w loop the loop

and joyce's bunny hill ~ simple pleasures xo
  hope to finish up a few christmas crafts and the last of my shopping soon ...
  happy holidays xo pam

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

back to reality

had a great time rendezvousing with my sister's in surprise arizona at joyce and ron's xo

we got new hairdo's

picked fresh citrus on citrus during our morning walks

had beautiful morning sunrises from the guest wing xo

a scenic road trip to jerome with our road warrier, ron
squeezed in a bit of fabric shopping ~ i have a new love for cotton + steel

and a few beautiful sunsets ~ these were a few of my favorite things ...

back to reality made a bit easier with month eight from i heart liberty club @ duckadilly here to greet me on my arrival home xo

and i am back to work quilting ~  faith's sweet heart quilt that has been in the making for many years will be completed for her daughter at christmas...just one of many reasons  i LOVE my job ! quilted with cool beans xo
the yearly sewmamasew giveawayday is going strong right now...i didn't get organized to participate this year but i have been enjoying everyone else that did!
 happy tuesday xo pam

Monday, December 1, 2014

the quilts are done ... my bags are packed ...i am ready to go xo

 been busy getting organized for a little sister time in phoenix...and  just in time i finished up the 3 quilt tops that have been waiting patiently ....


susan's solids quilt finished up perfect w symmetry

love her pieced flannel back xo
and i finished up susan's french general triangle quilt w diamond back ~ love how easily it flows thru the blocks xo

and i am loving  joy's orange hourglass quilt with bellybop ~ it is such a fun and easy design 
with the minky on the back this will be  a super cuddly quilt xo

  i am heading to sunny warm phoenix tomorrow ...looking forward to spending time and appreciating  the love we three share for QUILTING .
 xoxox pam
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