Sunday, August 21, 2016

special quilts for logan and rachel

i made some very special quilts for these two ` ~ they lost their mama to breast cancer in 2014

very inspired by sherri lynn wood's book improv handbook for the modern quilter and  her tutorial on passage / keepsake quilting gave me the confidence i needed to start this special project

i love how they came together so different

i know they will be loved

rachel said it is so soft and  she will keep it FOREVER
rachel's is made with her mama's shirts and comfy pants
logan's is made with his mama's  demin, comfy pants and a few shirts 

in loving memory of kelly ann wright
                                                                               xo pam

Saturday, August 6, 2016

home again

so nineteen hundred miles later we were home catching up with the mail and having a cold beer

i finished block six of my lollypop trees on this road trip

had a bit of fun w embroidery ~ nick likes to drive and i love to stitch

also finished the binding on my color map
and took photos

lots of photos ~ especially of that alberta sky

managed to catch this rainbow after driving thru a sun shower ... all my  photos are taken from the passengers side going seventy miles an hour by the way...

enjoyed a lot of good food

loved seeing both of my sisters gardens xo

got to spend a few days on this beautiful farm

attend a very special family wedding xoxox

 and visit alberta family

 i came home w lots of goodies too xoxo
good to be home...i am looking forward to sewing and i have most of august off to do that                                                               happy saturday xo pam
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