Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Fun

 I found some playtime this morning....made my first garland....I have been pondering this idea for many many possibilities....this is my first attempt, hope to do lots more soon...

"celebrate "garland for Karyn's BD

Friday, January 28, 2011

Colorful Friday with Grey

Surprisingly I am going with has been slowly creeping into my fabric stash and I now have a stack! I have a lot of grey hanging in my closet ... seems I wear an awful lot of it!. January is a very grey/overcast month in the with all this grey you might think that I was a little down in the dumps but please don't worry about me... I am actually having a fantastic month full of inspiration and energy....not saying that I want winter to last much longer cuz I am so looking forward to spring ..... the first signs are here and they are not grey so I will save that for another post!!
So pop on over to Robyn's Colorful Friday's and see what is happening down under...Daisy Quilts is the creator of this fun Friday activity that I so enjoy doing...

fun with cut out hearts

sidewalk art

grey day

grey tree

rhubarb stepping stone

hand cut stenciled t-shirt from my son with my favorite "lucky owl"

love my grey stash

sweet little pincushion made from tiny leftover bits

baby and doll quilt with the grey this combo

yikes! I have a lot of grey clothes!!

wet pussywillows on a grey  rainy day

Le Jardin has a lot of grey...

wait...what? another grey day??

walking partner
hope it is a great Friday for everyone....we will be celebrating a few family birthdays this weekend....Gramma,Aunty and son have all recently had one....Pam

Thursday, January 27, 2011

best granola bars ever

I am on a big granola bar kick...this recipe is so very, very delicious and so full of fiber!!
I added a half cup of flax seed and coconut and switched my fruit to dried  pineapple and mango...found the recipe here....I watch this Canadian Living Best Recipes Ever  quite often in the afternoon while I am sewing...lots of good easy dinner ideas...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart Break

I just took a heart break from longarming and made a few cut-out heart from a thrift store children's dictionary... then I strip pieced them on my sewing machine.....Ever since I saw this idea on Dottieangels blog I have been wanting to make some for my simple and sweet .... I love how they look in the afternoon light [we had sun today!!!]
For sure I will be making time I want to use some colored threads..... it took me all of 10 minutes and it is the perfect craft for Valentines....

Check out Dottieangel's blog....I am so very inspired by her....really looking forward to her upcoming book...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a special quilt for a special girl

Kay made this quilt for Glory...I machine quilted it with Sunny Day by Gali Designs....I quilted her name 9 times into the design ....hope she has fun finding her sweet name...

this panto has butterflies, clouds and  the sun

love this happy panto

if you look close you can see her name

love the back...

Monday, January 24, 2011

let the good times roll

this little something was inspired by a Car's song....I have been thinking a LOT about word quilts lately and this is my first attempt...hope to  explore this fun idea some more...I have lots and lots of  "word/phrase/expressions/lyrics.....inspiration is coming from all sorts of places....

So I am going to get this Monday started...first I am out for a walk and then I will be doing some machine is to another great week!  ~Pam

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new green friends

I have been thinking about house plants all week....on Wednesday I watched and was inspired to try out my indoor greenthumb....I would love to have this indoor living wall of coarse but I think I will start with these 3 and see how I do...
We also celebrated our son's 23rd yesterday ...we went to lunch at Cafe Flora in his Seattle neighbourhood...loved the wonderful window box  full of plants and their Atrium... 

split leaf...her name is Sybil

Dief. Camile... easy,her name is Camile

Aglonema Green...her name is Aggie
 Inspired by  dottieangel to name my new green friends and talk to them... [ she is in my favorites and I am LOVING her blog]... so wish me luck with my new plants and have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasure hunting

I had a fun hour at my one of my favorite thrift stores yesterday...ECA Thriftstore [Eastside Cancer Association] completely run by volunteers.....  located in the  Kirkland Upper Totem Lake area right across the parking lot from the Value Village...I have been finding treasure in this store for , fun, fun...

perfect little embroidered something for a friend that loves poker!

oops upside down purple rick rack from 1973....

hand embroidered the pink/orange

another great handmade apron with yellow rick rack

vintage right??

my treasures all together

definitely my most favorite find!

Shopping at the thriftstore....forty much fun I had? priceless
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