Saturday, January 8, 2011

Doesn't get any simpler that this....

Good old square in a square does it again.....I started playing around with this last February on a quilt retreat then the other day I got it out again...played some more, pieced this simple fun back... did some simple straight line quilting and presto I have this wonderfully simple cuddle quilt that I absolutely LOVE!! It is crazy good how something so basic can be kind of hard ....I spent an afternoon trying out a few things and in the end I  only added the thin stripes between the blocks.

a good lesson in keeping it simple

measures 60 x 75

quilters flannel back with a pieced strip...used leftover letters from Lakehouse Love Hope Family
It was so satisfying to complete an unfinished project today.... I was feeling a little down cuz my sister's flight was canceled due to a  major snowfall in Edmonton....our so fun sew week is postponed to a later sad but I will save all our plans for then....Pam

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  1. Pam. I love it!! Sometimes simple can be so wonderful!


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