Friday, January 28, 2011

Colorful Friday with Grey

Surprisingly I am going with has been slowly creeping into my fabric stash and I now have a stack! I have a lot of grey hanging in my closet ... seems I wear an awful lot of it!. January is a very grey/overcast month in the with all this grey you might think that I was a little down in the dumps but please don't worry about me... I am actually having a fantastic month full of inspiration and energy....not saying that I want winter to last much longer cuz I am so looking forward to spring ..... the first signs are here and they are not grey so I will save that for another post!!
So pop on over to Robyn's Colorful Friday's and see what is happening down under...Daisy Quilts is the creator of this fun Friday activity that I so enjoy doing...

fun with cut out hearts

sidewalk art

grey day

grey tree

rhubarb stepping stone

hand cut stenciled t-shirt from my son with my favorite "lucky owl"

love my grey stash

sweet little pincushion made from tiny leftover bits

baby and doll quilt with the grey this combo

yikes! I have a lot of grey clothes!!

wet pussywillows on a grey  rainy day

Le Jardin has a lot of grey...

wait...what? another grey day??

walking partner
hope it is a great Friday for everyone....we will be celebrating a few family birthdays this weekend....Gramma,Aunty and son have all recently had one....Pam


  1. Who know grey could be so interesting..nice pics.

  2. Wow that is a surprise Pam and guess what I love it all..especially those wonderful fabrics.. I can see why you are enjoying grey!
    The Rhubarb stepping stone is interesting..and many other fantastic and everyday things to be seen here.
    What a fabulous grey week... I'm going to think of grey differently from now on.. a little more kindly ;)

  3. You've put a new light on 'grey' ... very interesting.

  4. Hi Pam.
    I have to agree. Grey is creeping into a lot of things, especially fabrics. I wonder if it replacing cream? It certainly contrasts well with bright colours. In clothing it is so easy to dress up with something as simple as a scarf.
    Great thinking!

  5. I love grey also. Love the variety of your presentation. The owl is my favorite along with the little bird house.

  6. Luv your grey tree & your Le Jardin is stunning!

  7. I have only recently started looking at grey more... especially in fabrics... It is a lovely soft neutral..

  8. What a NiCe selection of pictures. Well DOne ! Love the grey and red Le Jardin .. striking! What area do you live in?

  9. Hello Pam.

    Just catching up with your gray post. I do like your rhubarb stepping stone, very creative. An interesting take on your chosen colour,when you said grey I was surprised but more surprised with your collection of photo's if you know what I mean.
    Have a great week.


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