Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new green friends

I have been thinking about house plants all week....on Wednesday I watched and was inspired to try out my indoor greenthumb....I would love to have this indoor living wall of coarse but I think I will start with these 3 and see how I do...
We also celebrated our son's 23rd yesterday ...we went to lunch at Cafe Flora in his Seattle neighbourhood...loved the wonderful window box  full of plants and their Atrium... 

split leaf...her name is Sybil

Dief. Camile... easy,her name is Camile

Aglonema Green...her name is Aggie
 Inspired by  dottieangel to name my new green friends and talk to them... [ she is in my favorites and I am LOVING her blog]... so wish me luck with my new plants and have a great Sunday!


  1. Not very good at houseplants..I tend to forget about them..I do have a christmas, thanksgiving and easter cactus. They seem to thrive on neglect. I will give them names :)

  2. he..he.. I can picture you talking to your plants!


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