Monday, December 30, 2013

lucky money pot xo

our long time friends tina ,hilary and jorge gifted us a money pot for our 25th anniversary in 2010 xo

read about the history here xo

the pot was full ...a wish was made ...we r taking the extra loot to mexico with us xo
i even found a special note from lily inside xo
                                happy monday xo pam

Saturday, December 28, 2013

ticker tape dinner napkins

i am loving these dinner napkins that i made from itty bitty ticker tape scraps on marcus brothers oasis organic oyster cotton ~i left  a frayed raw edge with a double stay stitch around the edge and on the itty bitty scrap xo~ definitely making more of these xo

cuz  these are for some january birthdays and i want some now too ! xo
#catventquiltalong is on the design wall and ready to go...just have to decide on sash size....
           in the mood for finishing up a few more crafts before the years end ....happy saturday

Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas handmades xo

i LOVE making things for others and i especially LOVE receiving them...this year i got some very special handmades xo

my #3 son sam made handmade cards this year and i love special that he made time to do this ...this one is ours xo

sara's...she has a new puppy named richard  this year xo

ani and isaac's xo

and for lily who is living in mexico xo i will be hand delivering this one next friday !
and sara my #1 made this ~ she was inspired at the ben franklin craft store xo

i love the detail and i LOVE that she made this for ME

and nick made me a FAIRY DOOR ~[ i have been in love w fairy doors for awhile...more here ] with recycled materials including  the cherry tree roof  from a tree we had to remove recently...

complete w a pooping fairy and stonework...xo i feel very loved
i had a great christmas with family and friends but today i woke up with mexico on my mind...we will be on a plane this time next friday...looking forward to spending two weeks with our #4 lily in puerto vallarta xoxox
 in the meanwhile i have a house to undecorate , a few craft ideas and a sewing room to tidy up for the new year xo
i am feeling footloose and fancy free because i am taking the month of JANUARY completely OFF from my keepingitsimple quilting business !! oh what a FEELING ....

happy friday pam

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

25 very cool cats wishing you a very merry christmas #catventquiltalong xo

last but not least ~ newman day 25 of the  #catventquiltalong ~thank you to elizabeth at oh, fransson for hosting this xo 
                                             twenty five days of so much fun making these kitties xo

merry christmas from our home to yours xo

                        hoping to find some time to put the cool cats together over the christmas break
                        merry merry christmas xo pam       

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve around here xo

finished up julie's heart and home by suzanne mc'neill with loop the loop by barbara becker from digitech [ love this quilt so much...sisters, friends and i  have made it a few times...jelly roll friendly and easy peasy xo]
love julie's choice in fabric xo

had a dinner party

good friends celebrating a good year xo


and this was the LAST customer quilt for the year done with continuous cathedral windows by jessica schick from digitech!! shhh it is a christmas present so i won't say anything else just yet xo

and what is christmas without a last minute project...i made this pillow yesterday afternoon in 1 hour and i love it xo
day 22 mama ruth is a special cuz she has a bit of my mom's blouse sewn in xo
day 23  amber....loving the #catventquiltalong only 2 more cats !! xo

and last minute sugar cookies ~ i even cheated and used krusteaz mix~  makes great cookies

very simple no icing ~ just sprinkles....yum yum
all that is left now is the wrapping... i always seem to be doing that  the last possible moment and then maybe some more crafting if i have time...i have a hard time deciding when to stop ~ still thinking about making some dinner napkins  xo   happy christmas eve....pam xo

Saturday, December 21, 2013


i am always looking for fast , fun and easy

so i loaded this sweet sew stitchy panel and machine quilted it with a half a crosshatch panto from digitech


i stay stiched around each little block and i used my special, handy dandy wave blade

i think i will use some as coasters ...

and i am still playing around with a  bunting idea for a special new baby arriving in february xo

and then i decided to make more of these...

cuz i love them and they make great gifts

they look so good xo

can't stop taking pictures ~ i love the little bows xo

catvent is still going strong ~ day 20 with miss eli   *notice the craft tape up top ?

i like it a lot

day 21 ~ meet miss violet xo
one more customer quilt to go....happy saturday ~ pam

Friday, December 20, 2013

snow day and more

we got a few inches of snow overnight....the rain has already started so it won't be here for long....i love this christmas card that i got in the mail from tina xo
and i am absolutely loving my splurge on these costco tower boxes....there are 15 beautiful boxes in total for around $20...they make gift wrapping a breeze and they will be reused again and again xo

#catventquiltalong  day 18 ~ boogie boy...he had to be GREEN

day 19 ~ little amelia ~ i think she has an 80's how the personalities magically emerge xo

two more customer quilts to go before christmas...a few last minute crafts cuz i always run out ...and of course day 21 ~ max [emi] of the catventquiltalong xo
happy friday xo pam

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tis the week before christmas

#catventquiltalong is still going strong...i LOVE making a sweet little scrap cat every day...xo

day 14 ~ merry marty

day 15~  hypnotic helen

finished up my 3rd marimekko whole cloth queen yesterday ! triple yay! it was a very good challenge for me ~ i was a bit overwhelmed on this one cuz custom quilting can stress me out a bit ~ then when i am done it feels GREAT and i am so happy that i push myself through it  ~ thank you EVA for all your faith, encouragement  and friendship xoxo !!

day 16 miss monica xo
it has been a week of mostly customer sewing but the end is in sight...i have 3 customer quilts to go before i take  five week break from my work...i will still be sewing A LOT but my hope is to finish a few projects of my own...and i will be spending 2 weeks of that in mexico with nick ....visiting miss lily xo
meanwhile i am enjoying the moments...the adventcats have been a great stress buster for me...we r all is pretty much done...we went to isaac and ani's christmas party and experienced our first smudging ~ it was so nice to be invited and see their shared home at christmas...tonight i will have a visit with my quilt group...tomorrow is hump night with white elephant and  best girlfriends ...and on thursday there will be some wine ~ with the special girls who show up twice a week rain or shine and climb stairs  for an hour  with me... xo
life is good and i know it ~ happy tuesday xo pam
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