Sunday, December 8, 2013

special delivery and more

i love to share my newest finds on digitech they have great sales and customer service...and now that we have amazon prime i am also loving the free shipping on my books xo

getting caught up in the sewing room too ~ machine quilted w rosie by jodi beamish from willowleaf studios

this rosie pattern has always been a fave xo

christi made this fun bonnie and camile marmelade quilt

this denyse schmidt quilt also belongs to christi and i am just about finished ~ using cathedral windows from digitech and i am loving it
sad news at our house ...this sweet blossom tree had to's roots are causing our plumbing problem ...

i will miss that has been around here longer than us...i am guessing she was about 40 years hoo
          happy sunday xo pam    


  1. I'm sorry about you tree. Poor thing, poor plumbing as well though :) . The quilting's looking beautiful.

  2. Beautiful quilting on the zigzag. The white looks so soft


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