Friday, December 6, 2013

sister time and a bonus zigzag quilt

did that just really happen? i flew to phoenix and had a 4 day visit with my two special sister joy and ron have a beautiful winter home in surprise  ~ THANK YOU xo
ok ...NOW i am back but feeling a bit was a fast and wonderful visit ...we shopped we ate we walked we mostly shopped....lots of fabric and even some clothes...maybe some shoes xo

me and my sisters in phoenix xo miss you both already...looking forward to a week of SEWING in the spring xo

we hand picked these on a morning walk ...i love how susan plucked this grapefruit away with one perfect leaf xo all while a lot of friends and family are in the middle of a winter DEEP FREEZE back at home xo

food is always the BEST with my sisters xo

we fabric shopped...i mostly behaved....i bought 2 yards of this ....could not say NO

and a few more cuts...we hit 3 shops in 2 here
and here
and susan [triple thank you sister xo] finished piecing this long lost but not forgotten zigzag FOR ME that i started a long time ago....back here in 2011

i loved the ms raffle quilt i made so much that i cut strips for me but never got back to thanks to my sister i have another FINISHED quilt that i LOVE!! ~ you can find a current MODA zigzag pattern here

    NOW it is time to calm  down and settle back into reality...happy friday xo pam


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I'm thinking you must be bundled up in layers now that you are home. Love the zig zag quilt!

  2. Very jealous! Glad you had a good time in the warm sun with your sisters!


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