Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The MS raffle quilt is ready to roll...

Ready to roll in the $$$$$ for MS that is!! So if you would like to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and have a chance to win this ZigZag quilt there are two ways you will be able to do that....Easiest way is to get your tickets at the MS walk 4-3-2011 right at the Husky Stadium in Seattle....we are one of the largest teams" Beszhak's Buddies" and have a booth at the stadium....I will be there early before the walk with the tickets  ....The winner is announced at our booth after the walk....
But if you are not able to be at the walk tickets are available through me.... email  me at
Find more info on the making of this quilt here
 and here  //
presenting the 6th annual MS Quilt


and from the back

tickets are ready to go
Feels so good to be ready!!


  1. Pam..that turned out so great!! I'm definitely getting some tickets!

  2. Hi Pam...your quilt looks amazing!

    I just uploaded some photos of Shore's quilt onto my Flickr Photostream, here's a link if you want to check it out...

  3. As someone has MS I am so impressed and thank you! I am also a quilter and donate quilts to various things, but this has honestly never occurred to me...DUH! : )


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