Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome Janome 6600 !!

I was so close to being finished with the MS raffle quilt ....just had to join the ends of my binding and finish the handsewing....when my bobbin thread decided it was time to mess with me so I took my almost 10 year old Elna  for a repair and  long overdue service to Northwest Vacumn and Sewing....then I decided to just have a peek at the Janome 6600 [which is the sewing machine that both of my sisters have and LOVE] so instead of  spending money on my old machine  I was easily persuaded with a very good deal... it is definitely a good time to buy....  I am now the happy new owner of this beauty...love the thread cutter,1/4 inch acufeed seam foot, large arm, decorative and monogram stitches....best of all I have the sister's Janome hot line whenever I have a question!!

fresh out of the box

isn't she lovely

and of course my new baby had to have a new carry case to protect her
Now I need to get back on track with customers quilts to help pay for this new goodness and finish up the MS quilt...details on the raffle and a photo of the finished ZigZag coming right up!!


  1. you little devil you!!!!!!!! need i say more

  2. You will love this sewing machine!!! It is fantastic!

  3. Good for you! I have another quilt in the works that I hope to send your way soon...(that's my attempt to ease any buyers remorse you may be feeling:)

    ...Enjoy "getting to know" this new friend of yours!

  4. What a beautiful sewing machine!
    Wishing you many years of happy sewing with your new Janome!

  5. i luv your machine! my hubby bought me the same one for Christmas and I just don't want to stop sewing! Enjoy it!!


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