Friday, February 11, 2011

Colorful Friday Valentines

this is a late addition to my colorful post...special delivery from pink chalk

I joined a " solids of the month club"       This fun day is every two weeks now....that gives everyone a bit more time to think about the photos... I am always surprised to see how many things you can come up with....and   reminded of just how much beauty is around us....I love colorful friday's....I encourage everyone to give it a try is sooo much fun.This week is guaranteed to be full of love and beauty...check out Daisy Quilts...Robyn is the organizer of this super fun deal....


Pam and Nick......together 25 years......

a favorite geranium flower pot

Wednesday is BFF night at the local pub

Blackbird Designs Welcome Home

love my paper hearts

found this sweet hankie at the thrift store recently

my sweet girls

stained glass art from my Sherry

new happy

with love from Kathi

these little cakes have been a Valentine favorite for many years

teeny tiny heart from my niece Sheryl

heart jug

fun with words

another special gift from my Sherry

special journal Kelly Rae Roberts stuff

another journal...I keep special quotes in this one

another special find... clusters of french knots...amazing

fave t-shirt

I heart sew days with Kay


  1. Such nice photos, Pam. I love the journals and I heart sew days with you too. Happy Valentines Day my friend :)

  2. Hi Pam. Love your collection of photos. Looks like lots of good fun with friends. The stained glass is pretty and I really like the flower pot. Gorgeous embroidery, too.

  3. Wow Pam, so much wonderful Valentine goodness!
    I have few fave pics here, love the little pot of french knots and a huge congrats on 25 years!!
    A really lovely post.
    Happy Colourful Friday :-)

  4. A great Valentine display!
    I love seeing all the different items everyone finds ... your 'Quilt Collection' sign is my fav.

  5. Hi Pam what a lot of hearts lovely post.
    cheers shez

  6. PS..and the geranium pot is gorgeous!!!

  7. Such special memories shared there... and lots of love shared too...

  8. Oooh lots of pretties to look at :)

  9. I loved seeing all your photos! But, I have to say that geranium flower pot is something special!

  10. Gosh what a fantastic collection of pics!! Such a beautiful hankie & a special geranium pot. (I've never seen one like that before-luv it!).

  11. Hi Pam, lovely array for Colourful Friday....I think the heart jug is very unusual...Warm Regards, Lyn


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