Friday, February 18, 2011


It is that time of year again...yeah!!! I am going on a quilt retreat to Lopez Island  this weekend phones, no computers....just me, my sewing and the "Hen Party" girls!!This is a yearly event but I can't remember how many...more than 10??? Barb is not able to make it this year and that's a first...we will miss you Barb!
I am busy gathering and preparing all my WIP's  with high hopes of finishing all of them....this is major sewing time I am talking about....morning to night...non stop sewing till you can't sew any more and then get up and do it again!!! I love it....look forward to this every year and this year I have the new Janome to top it all off!!

inspired by a Denyse Schmidt "not so charcoal " quilt....made with innocent crush...hope to finish this all up

Le Jardin hand applique for the travel time

anther zigzag for me and a zigzag for Alivia's grad quilt

I have been working on Table Scraps by Quilt Soup for several years ...all some 49 blocks ready to all be put all this crazy color!1

close up from Table Scraps....quarter circle block...

and my sweet jellyrose by Fig Tree that I never would have finished without my sisters help...all 9 blocks are ready to come together....
I have very high hopes for all these projects...I know it a little out of control....I think I will definitely be coming home with a few quilts ready for the Longarm.....hope everyone enjoys their long weekend....Pam


  1. Have fun! I can't wait to see your finished quilts!

  2. I hope you have lots of fun and finish many of your WIP's.


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