Wednesday, February 2, 2011

flannel and fleece

I finished  this quilt for my is a Buggy Barn pattern .... she pieced it with flannel and chose fleece for the back...I decided to put batting in as well so this is one warm and fuzzy quilt!! It actually would have been fine without batting but with the fleece being cream in color it prevented the quilt top from showing thru.... .

Buggy Barn Flower and Pinwheels

cream fleece back

machine quilted with Swirl and Twirl by Lorien Quilting

So nice to have this one has been lurking in the closet for months...
hope you are having a great Wednesday!!


  1. Does this mean you got your pantos in the mail? Perfect pattern for that quilt!

  2. Nice quilt Pam.Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Yes, yes, yes I'll be at the next LA meeting!

  3. Your sisters quilt is beautiful! Do you know the name of the Buggy Barn pattern? i didnt' see anything called pinwheels and flowers and i'd luv to get this pattern...your sisters is adorable!!!


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