Wednesday, June 29, 2016

my small world ~ section seven...last but definitely not the least

section seven is a beauty
section six and seven joined together here

all seven sections hanging out together
the backround squares are 16 across by 17 down ~ i broke them down to set the hills into sections [hill block 1]  the dresden block with a mini bonus dresden  was done with a wedge ruler [ hill block 2]  the 3 half rings were done with paperpiecing [so appreciated that sewwhatsherlock provided the templates]  [hill block 3] the rainbow was done with half circle freezer paper   [hill block 4]  the hexies  did not get a curve  and i used the easy circle method tutorial  here
hill block 3 was definitely the fussiest but also my favorite

and one of the best parts of this finish was cleaning up the constant mess on my cutting table during creation  xoxoxo

same cutting table honest xo
      my small world will be back soon machine quilted and bound...happy wednesday xo pam

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