Wednesday, April 24, 2013

row 10 with kaffe ...WIP wednesday @ freshly pieced

lily will be home in twelve more sleeps and i think i will have her quilt done!!
i mostly DON'T SEW AT NIGHT...but this quilt has got me going...

this will be one of the PRETTIEST quilts i have EVER made...

and the most photographed xo more info on this quilt here

a row a day is my goal ~ 2 more rows to go ~ ...that leaves about a week to quilt and bind this beauty
                               happy hump day xo pam  ~ hooking up with wip wednesday @ freshlypieced

Monday, April 22, 2013

to boston with LOVE

vancouver modern quilt guild has organized this collaborative peace project ~ sending peace and love from far and wide ~ i am sending this double sided heart to Boston with LOVE from kirkland wa. and canada ~  to be a part of this goodness all the info you need is here ~  to boston with love  XOXO

amy from duringquiettime is from the boston area and has agreed to receive and find a location for these wonderful flags xo

i am a canadian living in the states ...i am sending love from both countries xoxoxo

feels good to have a teeny tiny part in this ~ thank you to the VMQG....XO pam
check out the to boston w love  flickr group here

Sunday, April 21, 2013

more kaffe

kay and i went on a rainy friday rush hour jaunt to gossypium

this new obsession is out of control and  growing strong xo

row 8 is done  4 more rows to go!! photos do NOT do this justice xo
lily is home for a visit in 16 more sleeps !! and i sooo hope to be done!!

happy sunday !! xoxo pam

Friday, April 19, 2013

row six with kaffe and friday felicities and finish it up friday xo

sewing happily along with lily's quilt ...the sixth row marks half way xoxo more info here

and nestled in the middle is a very special memory triangle ~  fabric from a favorite blouse of my mom's...a blouse she wore a lot...a blouse i have saved since she passed away in 97...while working on this kaffe quilt  i have thought a lot about Ruth and how she would have loved kaffe and how well her floral blouse blended in and then i thought about how great it would be for lily to have a bit of alberta gramma in her quilt xoxo and i LOVE that this quilt will have a special secret xoxox
                                happy friday !

                                hooking up to friday felicities and finishitupfriday xo pam

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so much goodness in my world xo

i have been a very busy girl doing what i LOVE most !

still working on kaffe and loving the smell of this lily in my sewing room xo

four beautiful rows...i am in LOVE
finished this one up for was made last spring at the fig tree factory xo

i pieced the back and quilted it with cathedral windows by j. schick from digitech

cutest tea pot quilt ever made with flour ~ sugar fabric and machine quilted w bloomin star by beany girl quilts xo

love the colors ~ this quilt belongs to my friend kay

and   kay's sweet paris flea market  quilt ~  done w blooming feathers by anne bright

and this great word quilt belongs to chawne ...loved quilting this one ~ the colors and words are awesome ~ machine quilted w cathedral windows by j. schick and double batt
and this beauty is up next ...pieced by nancy ~ pattern from tula pink ~ love it!

happy hump day !! xo lucky  pam

Sunday, April 14, 2013

sweetwater kitchen towel

made this easy peasy glamping kitchen towel for our camping friends...tutorial here ~  sweetwater

found this moda glamping fabric at pacific fabric  ~  i just put one 4 " ruffle instead of 3 - 2 1/2 " ruffles ~   i cheated a bit by buying a set of ready made kitchen towels at ross...but it made for a great hostess gift ~ ready in 15 minutes!

 like the second one the best...the wide ric rac hides more of the raw edge and gathering xo
and it was a great dinner with great wine [ too much] and great friends ~ thank you carrie and jim
                                                           happy sunday xoxo pam

Saturday, April 13, 2013

AND more kaffe xo

mostly catching up with customer quilts this week but i made a bit of time for my new boyfriend xoxo

two rows complete ...eleven more to go xoo
these triangles are going together beautifully xo
using this borrowed ruler from my friend kay xo

drove 1/2 hour  north yesterday to aunt mary's and bought  13 more kaffe [ YIKES, I AM IN DEEP BABY ! ] carol has a great selection and was very helpful ...because there  are several  designers they are called rowan collective  from westminster fibers ~ i am such a kaffe rookie xo

hope to spend some time in my happy place this weekend...
today i am going to a long arm meeting / fun get together. we have a potluck lunch and show and never know who you might see or what you might learn xoxo

 happy saturday!! xo pam

Monday, April 8, 2013

kaffe is my new boyfriend xoxo

day 4 with kaffe and i like him a lot now....pam is so right...the best thing for kaffe is MORE kaffe xoxo

a few shops later...

the best score was at ben franklin...i stopped there just hoping to  find  a suitable back on their sale table but  i also found a few other kaffe prints on sale xo

but the BEST find was  6 yards of this soft goodness is more than suitable so i decided to take a chance...i was a bit worried about it being rayon...but this quilt is going to live in HOT HOT mexico and it felt sooo perfect ...and it was 54 wide ~ 5.99 a yard !!!

so i made a little sampler today on my lunch break ~  washed and dried it...finished up so soft ...PERFECTO !!!

so much prettier in person xoxo
i am so happy and so ready to get started on this beauty...and i think i have plenty of triangles cut...34 prints so FAR...i used mostly 1/4 yard cuts [ each width of fabric produced 7 triangles = 258 not counting solids] to keep the cost down but now i am sad cuz i have no scraps....

happy monday xoxo pam  ~ linking up with randi @  ihavetosay for show and tell tuesday ~   she is doing triangles too !

Sunday, April 7, 2013

my first time with kaffe

a new quilt has been started...i thought i had chose a simple idea ...something i could whip up fast for lily...i borrowed kay's 8 1/2 " equilateral ruler...

and THREE days later...i am still undecided...

 first trip to gathering fabric...

and this is the awesome pile of solids i have to work with...i joined pink chalk's solids club a few years back xoxoxo

i am struggling with kaffe...but it is a good struggle xo

 second trip to gathering fabric...

things have  got very messy xo

but i did name this quilt and stamp  a label and  i think this design is getting closer to what i want...
 MEANWHILE i am back to my sewing room where i am quite busy with customer quilts...i am happy for the time to step back and consider this for a while longer and go buy MORE fabric......pacific fabric and quiltworks carry kaffe as well and my latest thought is less solid more prints????

happy sunday xoxo pam

Friday, April 5, 2013

low volume for baby emily isabelle ~ and finishitupfriday

this is friday's quilt...specially made for my great niece em xoxo

this is a shot from behind...machine quilting with a pantogragh pattern and a laser light   ~ modern links by jodi robinson
and this is my choice for binding xox

[later next day] all done but i went w grey/black stripe binding to my favorite part ~ hand sewing  xo
and how about this for a front porch view ~ cherry blossom / camelia xoxo

                               happy friday xoxo pam

                               and i love linking up with crazymomquilts  ~ thanks for hosting amandajean

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

all about the BLOSSOMS

 this has been my  neighbourhood since 1996 ... and i wait for this every year...

i wish u could SMELL this xo
BUT boo hoo they have started to replace these trees....they have reached maturity and are done....

by next year they will be completely gone...and  baby trees will start their new life on cherry blossom lane xo

i am going to visit blossom lane a few more times this year before the blossoms fall...xo
                                     happy tuesday xo pam
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