Saturday, April 13, 2013

AND more kaffe xo

mostly catching up with customer quilts this week but i made a bit of time for my new boyfriend xoxo

two rows complete ...eleven more to go xoo
these triangles are going together beautifully xo
using this borrowed ruler from my friend kay xo

drove 1/2 hour  north yesterday to aunt mary's and bought  13 more kaffe [ YIKES, I AM IN DEEP BABY ! ] carol has a great selection and was very helpful ...because there  are several  designers they are called rowan collective  from westminster fibers ~ i am such a kaffe rookie xo

hope to spend some time in my happy place this weekend...
today i am going to a long arm meeting / fun get together. we have a potluck lunch and show and never know who you might see or what you might learn xoxo

 happy saturday!! xo pam


  1.'re making me want to stock up on some KF fabrics!

  2. ohhhh you are in trouble now! Next you will want some of his books. I recently found 2 good ones used at Third Place Books. They just make you want to get more of his fabric! How about a field trip to Island Quilter on Vashon some day? They have lots and lots of Kaffe! You were so lucky to find some at Ben Franklin. I stopped by there last week on my way to retreat, but it was all gone! Did you buy it all?


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