Monday, April 8, 2013

kaffe is my new boyfriend xoxo

day 4 with kaffe and i like him a lot now....pam is so right...the best thing for kaffe is MORE kaffe xoxo

a few shops later...

the best score was at ben franklin...i stopped there just hoping to  find  a suitable back on their sale table but  i also found a few other kaffe prints on sale xo

but the BEST find was  6 yards of this soft goodness is more than suitable so i decided to take a chance...i was a bit worried about it being rayon...but this quilt is going to live in HOT HOT mexico and it felt sooo perfect ...and it was 54 wide ~ 5.99 a yard !!!

so i made a little sampler today on my lunch break ~  washed and dried it...finished up so soft ...PERFECTO !!!

so much prettier in person xoxo
i am so happy and so ready to get started on this beauty...and i think i have plenty of triangles cut...34 prints so FAR...i used mostly 1/4 yard cuts [ each width of fabric produced 7 triangles = 258 not counting solids] to keep the cost down but now i am sad cuz i have no scraps....

happy monday xoxo pam  ~ linking up with randi @  ihavetosay for show and tell tuesday ~   she is doing triangles too !


  1. Hi Pam! I wish he was my bf, too but no Kaffe in my stash - yet. Your quilt is going to be most beautiful! Triangles are wonderful and they show well all the beautiful fabrics! x Teje

  2. You may have to share your boyfriend with me :-) I'm a big fan of his, too, and I have quite a large stash. Love the fabrics you've chosen for your quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished - no pressure.

  3. We have a Ben Franklin a couple towns away from us...I think I'll have to make a special trip to see if I like kaffe as much as you do...LOL! I love these fabrics...can't wait to see the finished quilt. Oh, and thanks for being my first follower!!!


  4. Love the title of your post. Made me laugh as he's my boyfriend too. I've been a huge Kaffe fan for years and just reignited my love by splurging on a new batch. Can't wait to dive in.


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