Friday, April 19, 2013

row six with kaffe and friday felicities and finish it up friday xo

sewing happily along with lily's quilt ...the sixth row marks half way xoxo more info here

and nestled in the middle is a very special memory triangle ~  fabric from a favorite blouse of my mom's...a blouse she wore a lot...a blouse i have saved since she passed away in 97...while working on this kaffe quilt  i have thought a lot about Ruth and how she would have loved kaffe and how well her floral blouse blended in and then i thought about how great it would be for lily to have a bit of alberta gramma in her quilt xoxo and i LOVE that this quilt will have a special secret xoxox
                                happy friday !

                                hooking up to friday felicities and finishitupfriday xo pam


  1. I love the quilting in your chevron quilt at the top of your blog. I"ll have to pin that :)

  2. That really will be a lovely surprise for her as she grows up :)

  3. What a lovely addition to an already-beautiful project! Thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities!


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