Friday, November 27, 2015

post thanksgiving post

i started this strip quilt way back more here and here

and i am determined to have this sweet and HAPPY quilt that has been in the making since 2011 on our sofa this christmas...i started machine quilting it wednesday w bubblewrap
felling very grateful

we quietly celebrated milo's first thanksgiving w a very small crowd and a very delicious dinner xo
                                              happy friday xo pam

Sunday, November 22, 2015

paint chip challenge snohomish mqg 2015

my little 18 " paint chip challenge is a FINISH
inspired by a love for the simple plus block

as seen in  lauri's marvelous marcelle medallion quilt from liberty love machine that i luckily [lovemyjob] machine quilted w loop the loop xo
 i added my love for improv , text and a wee bit of liberty using a 1" grid

tried out match stick quilting for the very first time and i am in LOVE


love xo

 binding is done

challenge complete xo
with a label ~ looking forward to our december snohomish mqg to share and see what everyone has created with this fun paint chip challenge
                                                 happy sunday xo pam

Sunday, November 15, 2015

busy time xo

this is my latest customer finish...sharon's lonestar quilt was entirely hand pieced by her mom and she is giving the finished quilt to her lucky sister xoxo

i quilted it w a simple continuous curve

and some simple feathers ~ this quilt lit me and my sewing room up all week xo
i am making many wristlet key chains for the holidays ~ i matched this one to lauri's quilt easy tutorial here

and i finally made a few tagmat blankets for milo xo more  here

this guy is almost 6 months now and is wanting everything

and this is what i have been doing just for fun...xo
think i am in love w matchstick quilting
                                                        happy sunday xo pam

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


finished up lauri's marcelle medallion quilt w loop the loop and i am IN LOVE more info here
especially with the plus blocks xo

i might have taken  a sew break this afternoon to make a few... these little blocks finish up at 5" square and i have something in mind for them xo

and i finished up janet's beautiful vintage civil war quilt w quarter clams

and mary's sweet baby boy quilt w a simple stipple

and i am loving teri's scrappy quilt done w modern twist
                                           november is off to a great start xo pam

Monday, November 2, 2015

so long october

we celebrated thirty years on halloween dressing up as the king and queen of kingsgate

we had an amazing  dinner at the herb farm

perfect menu for october 31rst except nick doesn't care much for mushrooms ~ but i am so happy that he was a good sport and enjoyed every dish ...  there was one  exception with the trumpet of death mushroom xo
and we had a visit from mr. milo this weekend ~ he is cute as ever w his new hat  at 5 1/2 months xo
i have been busy w customer quilts but squeezed in some fun prep for block #5 from lollypop trees 
                                                 hello november  xo pam
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