Thursday, August 30, 2012

more customer quilts and some fall nesting ahead...

finished becky's second quilt with double bubble by patricia ritter

got iris's quilt loaded yesterday with figure 8 by dave hudson...i get a lot of my pantos from digitech
 fast and friendly service xoxo

and i finished it up this afternoon...i am loving this figure 8 design...

 so very simple ....

and nancy's transportation quilt is up next....doing a simple custom on this one...but yet it never seems simple...i need to think about this one some more before i start quilting xoxoxo
wish i could say we were getting away this weekend but we are not...instead we will be getting some chores done around home....i am going to be cleaning some windows and doing some yard cleanup... nick is going to do some trailer doesn't sound like  much fun so i am hoping we  get out to the beach for a picnic during all this ...

xo pam

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a couple of birthdays and a couple of quilts

celebrated our friend's 50 th bd ....we caught the clipper to victoria....there was a great coupon deal in the entertainment book xoxo

then we came home and celebrated our oldest daughter's 27th was so nice to have the whole crew home xoxoxo
lily made the cupcakes xoxo
and today i am back in the work sewing groove...

love this new panto modern ripple by jodi robinson from digitech
one down ~  two loaded and half done....i am loving these colors xoxo

happy tuesday august 28 th....xoxo pam

Friday, August 24, 2012

vintage finish .....

i think i had fun making this....although sometimes i wonder about that...
trailer sweet trailer

i spent a lot of hours on this...not sure i love it but i think i like it ????

i embroidered this puppy for my mom when i was about 14...when she passed away i found it in her things....she had it on her bedroom dresser for years xoxoxo

and i have decided on a name for our trailer....winifred xoxoxo

and i added a wee piece of my mom's favorite blouse  xoxo
dottie  makes it look sooooo easy
i do love the soft finish of this quilt....and i hope i have time to play around some more w vintage.....i know i will always be on the look out for linens now xoxox
happy friday xoxo pam

Holes Of Happiness.....such a happy wonderful thing....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

getting started....

i have been collecting old linens and lace for awhile now inspired by tif over at dottieangel

i just love what she does with vintage fabric ...

so today i got myself all set up...i plan on cutting into these beauties tomorrow and putting it all together on my handy dandy longarm xoxo

i do have some very sweet vintage....

and some basic ideas...

fingers crossed for that creative feeling tomorrow xoxoxo

getting started is always the most difficult for me....i am happy to sleep on it cuz that is where i get some of my best stuff xoxox  pam

Friday, August 17, 2012

thursday's thrifting treasures

found a few more vintage treasures and i am playing around with some ideas....i am really feeling the urge to go all vintage in our travel trailer inspired of course by gladys and maude

i definitely have a thing for aprons...i got pretty excited to find this lovely orange piece of the sixties xoxo
this absolutely " perfect for sara " mug

another super sweet pillow case...99 cents...

and i am loving this beautiful piece of amber glass ...
thrifting is one of my very favorite things...also found  2 new hoodies and a sweater, some odds and ends for the trailer and some pretty little hanging lights for the awning outside of the trailer and so much more but i will stop now...

happy friday xoxo pam

Thursday, August 16, 2012

lily is backkkk xoxoxo and a little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

trouble is all done and looks so good...machine quilted w sewphie's oma's garden
more trouble ....haha lily is home from a 4 month trip in mexico xoxoxo

awesome new my geometrics!!

and seriously ...i took this photo to shame myself into cleaning up a creative side is OUT OF CONTROL!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

some days are easier than others,,,,

hard to believe that nancy's beautiful queensize quiltsmart wedding ring could give me soooo much TROUBLE but

it did...
first with a broken needle cuz where these blocks meet they are very bulky and then with bad tension....that i didn't notice for almost a whole row of dense quilting...ahhhhhhh ~ that means a whole lot of frogging [pick it pick it]
anyway happy to say i am back on track and should finish this beauty later today....fingers crossed xoxoxox  happy wednesday  ~ pam
and sooo happy my other girl is home tonight from a 4 month stay in mexico,,,..yeahhhhhh xoxox

Monday, August 13, 2012

more camping and beginner mosaic

nestled in the trees for the weekend at norway park on lake mcmurray
our friends invited us  to this private family spot

because i wanted to fix this broken mirror i decided on a little mosaic...googled it , went to the craft store and got some mosaic glue and grout and inexpensive glass tiles...

first you glue down the design

fill in between with grout
wipe down with a sponge and ta da  my very first ever mosaic design....i am calling this project rustic speed mosaic.....
i have lots of glue and grout left so i am thinking another mosaic will be in the future....happy monday  xoxo pam

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

august flowers and kay's double pinwheel

my prize poppies
i love watching these flowers bloom....

i also love how i found / stole the seed pod  on a roadside years ago

and now these beauties volunteer everywhere in the garden
i love them soo much that i let them take over really...they are the canape of the garden right now...nestled underneath are the carrots, beets and baby artichoke....

once they burst into flower they don't last hoo

finished kay's quilt....kay has been very busy lately so i hope she will have time to blog about this special quilt soon xoxoxo

i heart figtree fabric

kay modified the double pinwheel block for this beautiful queen wedding quilt....machine quilted w swirl and twirl by lorien
happy wednesday  xoxo pam

Sunday, August 5, 2012

a concert, some camping, company and a bit of swirl and twirl

chris isaak and shawn colvin at our local chateau st. michelle was a very good concert...he is very funny and she does an amazing one woman show xoxo

then we were off to do some camping in the north cascades with our trailer for the very first we are above diablo lake

we  met our australian cousin anthony and his wife christie for the very first time...we spent a few fun filled days with them in the seattle area

 in seattle at pioneer square market we met this man....he does these stiches with a solar powered sewing machine and he will "sew your imagination" if you give him a few special words...check him out here
and back to work with this fig tree beauty that kay has made for her niece's wedding....i am machine quilting it with swirl and twirl by lorien

we have been so very busy but we have also been having such a good time.....

happy sunday.... xoxo pam
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