Friday, August 24, 2012

vintage finish .....

i think i had fun making this....although sometimes i wonder about that...
trailer sweet trailer

i spent a lot of hours on this...not sure i love it but i think i like it ????

i embroidered this puppy for my mom when i was about 14...when she passed away i found it in her things....she had it on her bedroom dresser for years xoxoxo

and i have decided on a name for our trailer....winifred xoxoxo

and i added a wee piece of my mom's favorite blouse  xoxo
dottie  makes it look sooooo easy
i do love the soft finish of this quilt....and i hope i have time to play around some more w vintage.....i know i will always be on the look out for linens now xoxox
happy friday xoxo pam


  1. I love how it came out. So pretty!

  2. oh how sweet! i love the look and feel of vintage linens. and all your wordiness is super lovely. congrats!


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