Thursday, March 24, 2016

my small world the second

loved making this so much the first time that i am making another and teaching a class at quilting mayhem in snohomish 

i am just getting started ~ these little 4 1/2" orange peel blocks are sooo cute xo

this quilt makes one big  hot mess but i LOVE it~ more about my first small world here
                                       happy thursday xo pam
                                       ps i have been spending a lot of time on  #igquiltfest hosted by @amyscreativeside
                                       a change from bloggersquiltfestival in the past ~  inspiration on steroids ! xo

Next - "My Small World Section One"

Thursday, March 10, 2016

pacific fabric new block of the month ~ vintage modern w american made brand cotton

 machine quilted with kandinsky ~  nancy's new block of the month at pacific fabric beginning in may 

it is made entirely with american made brand solid cottons

love this quilt love these colors!!
                                                       happy thursday xo pam

Saturday, March 5, 2016

more and more improv love

love this book ~ love this mess! i started making this improv quilt a few weeks ago ...more here

lily made me a few crochet baskets  last year ...i love using this one on my cutting table 
this week i played w the string block ~ i am doing the seaslabbom using sherri lynn wood and her book the improv handbook for modern quilters and matt as inspiration ~ fusing the two for lani and sam's queensize improv quilt ~ so far i am a happy girl with this craziness xo
                                                   happy saturday xo pam
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