Wednesday, November 26, 2014

twas the day before thanksgiving xo

made some fun key fob wristlets yesterday for my quilt group ... so fast and easy i was inspired here and ordered the hardware from  here

finished up kay's beautiful scrappy churndash variation late afternoon so these pics don't do it proper justice...
machine quilted w loop the loop ~  an absolute favorite of mine xo

it is a BEAUTY

and i love love love the backing xo

and just for fun and cuz i was inspired by bloomandblossom

and haha i have also wanted to do this on a pincushion ever since i saw this

also finished up this small custom for lindy this week using the  QCR sidekick ruler i am a lucky girl cuz jenny gave me a prototype to try out ~ I LOVE IT ~ it was such a great tool for the  curved ruler work  ~ it will be available very soon and i know it will be very successful xo
happy thanksgiving
feeling VERY thankful xo pam

Friday, November 21, 2014

a new car,a hockey game, some pumpkin goodness and customer time

SEW very happy ~ found this cute decal from lillybelledesigns  at keepsake cottage in bothell
traded my kia forte in for a vw tiguan

went to whl hockey game at comcast arena ~ everett's silvertips v kamloop's blazers... so fun... felt very canadian

baked and pureed  two heirloom pumpkins that isaac and ani grew...felt like a pumpkin factory in my kitchen, it made over 40 cups of awesomeness and i also made the best ever pumpkin lasagna with it [i couldn't find my exact recipe but if you add toasted walnuts and blue cheese to this one you will not be sorry] i soooo  highly recommend it if you have never made it  xo

susan's french general triangle quilt is done w diamond back ~ i love how easy it flows thru this quilt

patty's star quilt is done w all over star and loop ~ she made this special for her son in law who just became a us citizen xo
corey's awesome red, white and black quilt is done w tortoise shell spiral ~ so fun

lindy's HAPPY  blue and yellow triangle quilt is done w a variation from packer wave ~ i love how simple this is

and i am finishing another one of lindy's today w dizzy izzy

so i have been busy catching up in the sewing room with some very beautiful quilts...feeling lucky to have such a great job...hoping to stay on top of things this busy holiday find a bit of crafting time.
also not blogging so  much  cuz i have discovered instagram ~  a much better fit for me these days~ find me here if you like xo
happy friday xo pam

Saturday, November 8, 2014

rainbow quilt with briar rose

i finished up janet's sweet rainbow quilt done with briar rose  machine quilted w loop the loop

i am going to have a hard time giving this one up xo u can find this pattern here

i had this sweet bundle of fabric too....

i made this hst quilt and i love it xo
sweetest fabric ever

happy saturday xo pam

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

a grand finish with heather ross's macaroni love story xo

it is DONE

and i LOVE it ~ this quilt was in the making for a long time...i did one or two  improv blocks at a time until it grew into a special queen size quilt for our bed

i  added extra borders all around cuz i think this baby is going to shrink even more when i wash it xo

so perfect with this panto
the teeny tiny unplanned surprise bits are my favorites

i LOVE  heather ross...i bought her special fabric from spoonflower a few years ago   more about her here
everything about this quilt is subtle and calm  xo
  quilt facts
 pieced with  macaroni love story and marcus brothers organic cotton- canvas taupe
 finished at 100 x 108 with 416" of binding ~ more on the making here
 pieced improv style on a  12 1/2" grid with hexies , pixel heart , wonky churndash , pinwheels , log cabin , circus    block ,  hugs and kisses , applique and zigzags and so much MORE...
this is MY  all time favorite quilt i have ever made ~ mostly because i love sew love improv ...
xo pam
p.s. happy fall xo

Thursday, October 30, 2014

almost done

almost done my macaroni love story quilt xo

loving the zig and the zag on the ALL TIME FAVORITE QUILT i have ever made

i knew i would ~ hope to have this finished up today cuz ME time is over xo
  happy thursday xo pam

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

more borders for macaroni love story

sometimes it is just the teeniest thing that makes me happy  xo...

i thought i had finished my heather ross macaroni love story on my quilt retreat last month but after careful consideration i decided it was not big enough

so i spent the whole day having fun and doing some improv borders making it queensize special for my bed
it is ready to be quilted now and i know just what to do xo

meanwhile the  fall and the RAIN has arrived ~ these beautiful leaves won't be here for much longer xo

happy tuesday xo pam

Friday, October 24, 2014

stars and honey for large quilts BQF

 stars and honey ~ a very special quilt

i was inspired by liesl made's stripey lone star i doubled the block size and used muslin foundation instead of paper piecing
each 28'  block came together beautifully xo more here on the beginnings of this quilt

the last few blocks traveled to mexico with me last winter along with esther [my 1960 featherweight]

i stitched a few blocks old school on our beautiful patio in PV ~ no mats ~ no rotary cutters ~ no iron ~  it was totally worth carrying esther on the flight xo

this quilt was a labour of LOVE taking over a year to complete xo

9 blocks were made with borders to complete this queensize quilt and many photos were taken during this time xo

definitely recommend pressing those seams OPEN and using wider stripe near the center...

i machine quilted stars and honey with honeycomb by dave hudson

and stamped a label for them special xo

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this finish xo

our family cat pepper even got in on this shot

thank you for stopping by...i love to share my favorite quilts with the BQF...a big thank you to amy for organizing this fun and inspiring festival of QUILTS QUILTS and MORE QUILTS !! xo pam
you can see  another bqf quilt entry in my previous post ~ please let me know if you have a quilt in bqf so i can visit your quilt too. xo
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