Wednesday, February 3, 2016

snohomish modern quilt guild ~ quilting mayhem ~ first giving quilt

our first giving quilt is almost done ~ just need a binding and a final decision on it's new home

i first saw eyespy meets polaroid here on lillibellelane ~ i made a few blocks for blake and i was hooked xo lots more inspiration on pinterest too like lori holt's board here

i belong to the NEW snohomish modern quilt guild ~ we meet at quilting mayhem first wednesday of the month @630 pm and everyone is welcome to join ~ this is our first finish of many quilts...we r still deciding on a special home xo

the guild has generously made blocks ...we have enough to make about four or five more of these sweet quilts xo
                                                     happy wednesday xo pam

Sunday, January 31, 2016

celebrating eighty

we celebrated  eighty w my mother in law...i met nick when she was 49
and of course there is a quilt xo

yum ! sara brought the lemon chiffon cake xoxo

we call her TRIPLE -G  ~  great gramma gillian xo

       happy sunday xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

a fig tree finish

i have a large moda fig tree stash because i have made many fig tree quilts ~ this one was started in 2012

fig tree has such a vintage / comfort feel to me...and a string quilt is a lovely thing plus a great stash buster ... a bit more here

a very special birthday inspired me to finish this one up

machine quilted w trailing vine
bound w the perfect moda cream

complete w a stamped label ~ pretty sure my special someone doesn't visit my blog but jic i will share more photos later xoxo
                 have u made a foundation string quilt lately ? find an easy peasy tutorial here

                                                  happy wednesday xo pam

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

off to a good start ~ chic country with the quick curve ruler xo

it is sewing time again and i am loving this
took me awhile to pick up where i left off , i made every possible mistake, had to do some MORE  picking but i am finally getting it !

i took a class for the quick curve ruler chic country pattern  w the wonderful jenny pedigo sewkindofwonderful  thru the seattle modern quilt guild [pictured here with the smqg class blocks behind her]  i definitely benefited from the class cuz i am sooo directional challenged xo
and i also got back to customer quilts yesterday...machine quilting linda's happy happy polka dot quilt with loop the loop
                                                        happy tuesday xo pam

Friday, January 1, 2016

so long 2015 ~ hello 2016

2015 was a MIGHTY good year

nick and i  celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and welcomed our first granbaby, mr. milo in may

i celebrated the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of my small home business kisq 
i happily continue to follow my  passion of quilting for myself and others xoxo

these are a few of the quilts from 2015 that i have managed to hang on to [so far]

              and so fun to look back at the combination of customer and personal quilts of the past year

i am so thankful for all that i have... I LOVE MY JOB !
i thank all my friends , family and quilting friends for their support, love , encouragement, inspiration and business.

wishing you all a very happy new year full of love, good health and inspiration xo pam

Thursday, December 31, 2015

hello my small world ~good bye 2015

i love that my small world is my final finish of 2015 more here

love the straight line quilting

and i love this  simplicity fabric on the back and for the binding

just a few more hand stitches on the binding ~  i am hanging this in our dining room

2015 was a big year for our family welcoming mr milo in may xo and we loved celebrating his first christmas

and with a bit of magic most of our family made it for a special holiday dinner this year xo
                                            zoom zoom 2015 ~  happy new years eve to all xo pam

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

indian summer jelly roll three finish

i have a special christmas gift finish for isaac and ani xo

i love this simple quilt

machine quilted w the kadinsky panto from digitechpatterns  ~ bound with the perfect polka dot and backed w flannel

jelly roll three was made mostly with indian summer by sarah watson from art gallery

sewed with my alberta sisters on the farm at harvest time  ~ i LOVE sewing with the sisters ~ this is one of my favorite memories and photo of 2015 xoxo

i love this fabric so much that even the little bits were saved for some fun improv sewing

i made three little special somethings

each measuring about 14 by 18" and quilted up w the  geo path panto

i love that we three will have a special memento of these special quilts ~ makes it a bit easier to give these quilts away xoxo 
                                   happy holidays ~ only only two more sleeps xo pam
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