Monday, April 14, 2014

a few of my favorite things from washington park in anacortes xo

coronas in the forest with a crocheted sleeve and a fire xo

our pretty pretty mexican flags hanging in the trees at our beautiful campsite in washington park xo
a long lazy hike through the amazing old woods with my love [ heart lake on mount erie ]xo
                               happy monday xo pam  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

lucky girl xo

so stinkin cute ~ a special hand delivery from the uk....thanks pix xo

u can find them online @dotcomgiftshop but we were so very lucky to skip the expensive shipping ~ ps u might be able to find some  on etsy

and this just arrived  and it is PERFECT ! this is such a big splurge for me...i usually spend all my allowance on quilting FABRIC but i had to have this
40th anniversary lesportsac LEPATCH bag

 celebrate four decades of design and love of quilting ?   love to thanks !

  i can hardly wait to take my new bag on a trip ~ definitely a HAPPY wednesday
  xo pam

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

mama goose hearts u sara cole

ALL DONE ~ i machine quilted with over under hearts by pam clarke more info here
and here
mama goose i love u

and i chose this anna maria horner fabric for the perfect binding xo

i love binding xo
and twilight peonies [PERFECT AND SO SOFT]

by  amy butler is a rayon voile that i used for  the back with a  stamped label ....last night i happily stitched down one side of the binding xo
my daughter sara  LOVES her quilt and that makes me so happy xo pam
linking up with randi @show and tell tuesday xo

Sunday, April 6, 2014

the garden always takes 2nd place to QUILTING but it is still very important ~ spring 2014

woo hoo fushia  5 for 3 bucks at freddies

love the names xo
i forget the name of this but i love how it grows xo

i have to look closer for the few flowers in bloom this time of year ~i love the star inside the vinca

4 trillium blooms this year

these always make me happy xo

i even appreciate a good dandelion once in awhile xo

and the climatus xo

i am most amazed by the easter lily this year....never noticed this stage before ~ i think it looks half bird  xo

the seeds are bought but will have to wait for a few weeks...
i did get  a few herbs planted on the deck though .... xo

but now my sewing room with the  new steam iron and sara's quilt half finished is calling...xo
                               happy sunday xo pam

Saturday, April 5, 2014

sara's mother goose is on the home stretch xo

i finished adding a few more rows to make it 9 rows across and 20 rows down ~ 89 x 95 ~  perfect for sara's bed xo more info here

i pieced the back with mostly amy butler twilight peonies rayon voile  and a few widths of field study cotton with this sweet embroidery added [ this is my second quilt using the voile for the back and it is so soft and perfect...machine quilting beautifully] more on voile here

decided on  over under hearts ~ also perfect for my girl ~ and the pink thread was easy to decide on as well xo

 even the binding was easy to choose...

OK this is  my favorite part for sure ~ a FINISHED quilt for my daughter that i absolutely LOVE loaded on the long arm and a weekend off to SEW xo
           happy saturday xo pam

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

some birds, a little sea life ,kitties, music and a few zebras xo

trailing vine by lorien finished this bird quilt nicely xo

waterworld by jodi beamish was perfect for this ocean quilt

the kitties got some free motion echo swirls with some backround loops

i finished the music quilt with one of my faves ~ loop the loop by barbara becker

the zebras are done w triangle transit by marjorie busby ~ i love this triangle design xo

these quilts all belong to jeanette.... lots of fun variety for one week xo
happy wednesday xo pam

Sunday, March 30, 2014

i am a bigtime wanna be crochet girl

i found this vintage treasure yesterday at an estate sale....i was coming around a hall corner into a bedroom at the sale when i spotted it and scooped it up instantly xoxo
had to have an outside shot in the sweet sunshine xo

19 X 16 = 304 flowers = a priceless amount of hooking xo

it washed well and needs a few small repairs...i LOVE the scalloped edge

and the COLOR!!
i don't even know how to crochet but i think i need to learn...i am so drawn to it ...check this out to see one big reason WHY

       happy sunday xo pam
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