Sunday, August 21, 2016

special quilts for logan and rachel

i made some very special quilts for these two ` ~ they lost their mama to breast cancer in 2014

very inspired by sherri lynn wood's book improv handbook for the modern quilter and  her tutorial on passage / keepsake quilting gave me the confidence i needed to start this special project

i love how they came together so different

i know they will be loved

rachel said it is so soft and  she will keep it FOREVER
rachel's is made with her mama's shirts and comfy pants
logan's is made with his mama's  demin, comfy pants and a few shirts 

in loving memory of kelly ann wright
                                                                               xo pam

Saturday, August 6, 2016

home again

so nineteen hundred miles later we were home catching up with the mail and having a cold beer

i finished block six of my lollypop trees on this road trip

had a bit of fun w embroidery ~ nick likes to drive and i love to stitch

also finished the binding on my color map
and took photos

lots of photos ~ especially of that alberta sky

managed to catch this rainbow after driving thru a sun shower ... all my  photos are taken from the passengers side going seventy miles an hour by the way...

enjoyed a lot of good food

loved seeing both of my sisters gardens xo

got to spend a few days on this beautiful farm

attend a very special family wedding xoxox

 and visit alberta family

 i came home w lots of goodies too xoxo
good to be home...i am looking forward to sewing and i have most of august off to do that                                                               happy saturday xo pam

Saturday, July 23, 2016

summer sampler at quilting mayhem ~ week seven

i am loving this ~ so easy to sneak in an hour of fun sewing during the busy summer ~  a free block pattern each week at

block six is my favorite so far

and i have this thing now with photos on  clothes line 

rainy day yesterday so my newest block seven stands alone  xo


                                                              happy saturday xo pam

Sunday, July 17, 2016

my small world's GRAND finish

my small world  is a big finish ~ machine quilted w a zigzag

this is my second #mysmallworldquilt done with the pattern later published by jen kingwell  and as a class at quilting mayhem  
this is the  first mysmallworld ... it was improvized by following several #mysmallworldqal on instagram ~ the first quiltmania pattern was sold out and i could not find it anywhere...more about the first one here
seeing them side by side for the first time ~ definitely love my second the best and boohoo it is the one i will be gifting
however i do like the straight line quilting on the first one more ...

the binding possibilities were endless

the final choice was perfect with black fairy tales...the land that never was by lisa congdon cloud nine and then i also love the lecien fabric i chose for the back

and those flags xo
i am so celebrating this finish

cuz it really did take forever ~ over 100 happy hours went into this

                  last class coming up on thursday...looking forward to seeing everyone's finish

                                                             happy sunday xo pam

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

snohomish mqg ~ #quiltsforpulse ~ first one done

there will be hundreds of quilts made for orlando with LOVE  for families involved and first responders... more info here and here

and here in our little corner @quilting mayhem #loveislove #quiltsforpulse #snohomishmqg has made enough blocks for three...we are finishing up two heart quilts and one rainbow slab...thank you to everyone that helped make this happen ~ it was heartwarming to see all the blocks come pouring in ~ a special thanks to laura for keeping us organized xoxoxo

i machine quilted our first completed top w heart strings
and after some weekend binding...

we have our first #quiltsforpulse finish
love this heart block from cluckclucksew

we will be sending this along with two more soon to  orlando

                                                      happy tuesday xo pam

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

my small world ~ section seven...last but definitely not the least

section seven is a beauty
section six and seven joined together here

all seven sections hanging out together
the backround squares are 16 across by 17 down ~ i broke them down to set the hills into sections [hill block 1]  the dresden block with a mini bonus dresden  was done with a wedge ruler [ hill block 2]  the 3 half rings were done with paperpiecing [so appreciated that sewwhatsherlock provided the templates]  [hill block 3] the rainbow was done with half circle freezer paper   [hill block 4]  the hexies  did not get a curve  and i used the easy circle method tutorial  here
hill block 3 was definitely the fussiest but also my favorite

and one of the best parts of this finish was cleaning up the constant mess on my cutting table during creation  xoxoxo

same cutting table honest xo
      my small world will be back soon machine quilted and bound...happy wednesday xo pam

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