Thursday, May 28, 2015

a special quilt for patty

our good quilting friend patty is moving back home to naturally there is a quilt xo
she loves  her quilt friends each made a special no rules anything goes house ~  judy and carey magically put it together , i machine quilted it w loop the loop and susan finished up the binding  xo

and on the back judy made a special label complete with photos of all her homes including her new one in california
             all in all it is quite the QUILT...we are going to miss her and she promises to join us for quilt retreat each year ...xo

Sunday, May 24, 2015

happy gramma

milo earl cole has arrived ~  845 pm  may 19 th 2015  7 lbs. 8 oz.   ~  rocking his new cradle from great uncle adrian at five days old

   happy happy happy sunday xo pam

Monday, May 18, 2015

customer time, garden time , a few pee pee tee pees and blogging w a new power shot camera xo

just finished up three quilts for janie on the weekend ~ this one  is a crabapple hill pattern
lucky girl takes meg hawkey workshops every year xo

embroidered wild flowers in canning jars xo


xo janie's detail in the  embroidery is wonderful

and this is janie's disappearing 4 patch done w loop the loop

and janie's car quilt done w race cars  ~ such a great boy quilt

i love a good pile of finished quilts 

and we got the garden in ~ tomato , potato, kale, lettuce, carrot, beet, padron pepper, pumpkin and a few sunflower volunteers are growing this year xo
and just for fun i made a few pee pee tee pees for our granbaby boy who will be arriving very soon...  my friend kay told me about them  ~ easy peasy tutorial here @ crunchy mamacita
and last but not least i have a new camera...i have  been using my phone for the last few months after dropping and boohoo breaking my last one xoxo

                                                                  happy monday xo

Friday, May 8, 2015

a zigzag for me circa 2011~ bloggers quilt festival spring 2015

so happy to get this one on the longarm...started back in 2011 after making and loving  the ms raffle quilt that i made that year  ~ with some of my absolute favorite fabrics ...more here

i cut it out but my sister did  the piecing for me a while ago in exchange for some longarming [ it is a very good deal] and then it sat patiently waiting to be quilted xo easy peasy zigzag tutorial here from creative chicks

i pieced the back with some yummy leftovers and some flannel [my favorite]  machine quilted it with hall of mirrors from apricot moon designs and decided on a very simple binding
i love how an improv pieced back finishes up and all out of necessity too cuz i ran out of flannel xo

i added my special ticker tapes...this one deserved a "this took forever" seeing how it was started back in 2011  ~ info  on ticker tape labels here

and a stamped label is my go - to these days

 hand stitches [ my favorite part] 

and a finished binding  is the best xo

            linking up to bloggers quilt festival ~ a big thank you to amy for organizing this  xo pam

Monday, April 27, 2015

a dozen burp cloths for baby

i finished up a dozen burp cloths for my granbaby

i used my leftover bits of  flannel

i used flannel on both sides for a few and then i decided to try a few w terry towel on the back

terry towel is my favorite..i think they will be more absorbent... i just i bought a 6 pack of bar mop cloths at ross for 2.99 ... inexpensive and i  love the  finish with the soft colors xo

i have been using this pattern for a few years fun to make a dozen for my first granbaby xo
  happy monday xo pam

Thursday, April 23, 2015

soon to be a gramma sewing xo

i finished up this simple baby quilt in march at my quilt was originally started as a graduation quilt but put aside cuz it was too baby....

i machine quilted it yesterday with bellybop

and i used my special where the wild things are flannel for the back...i bought 10 yards on a sale table a few years ago... it was actually nick who spotted it ~  i remember it well cuz that is the one and ONLY  time my husband has ever "found" fabric 

i love how simple it is and i love that simple is definitely a favorite

i made a matching cover for the cradle mattress with double batting

the cradle is a gift from my friend kay ...her father made it for her children forty years ago...

sam and lani  took the cradle home last night ... soon there will be a sweet baby boy rocking in this beautiful cradle xo

    happy thursday xo pam

Monday, April 20, 2015

washington park

camped at washington park in annacortes on the weekend xo

the spring  wild flowers are here
we walked up to the south bluff preservation ~ my favorite view EVER and we saw seven eagles soaring above the channel

i love that when a tree falls in a park forest it just gets moved aside and continues with nature xo
gifts from the sea ~ glass is always my special find while beach combing

my friend sharon [thank you xo] recommended the majestic inn in annacortes for their 5th floor rooftop restaurant with a view of the san juans ~ it was a chilly beer but they had blankets xo

and there are always a few of these babies around

and the sunsets were great xo
  happy monday ~ back to sewing for granbaby and customer quilting  xo pam
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